UN Datathon 2023 - Training Webinar
A Guide to AIS Data Utilization

11 Oct 2023
08:00 - 09:00 AM (EDT)



This webinar will introduce AIS data: what it is (maritime vessel tracking), how it is structured, and how to access it via the UN Global Platform. We will also explore some of the resources available for the UN Datathon and display some of the use cases. Topics will include:

  • General information about AIS (raw) data and limitation
  • Introduction to AIS from the UN Global Platform
  • AIS derived datasets available for the UN Datathon and variables information
  • Use cases and possibilities from AIS data

For this session, you will get:


  • Gain an introductory understanding of what AIS data is and its limitations.
  • Learn the process of accessing AIS data from the UN Global Platform.
  • Become familiar with the AIS derived datasets available for the UN Datathon and their variables.


  • Acquire the ability to navigate through the UN Global Platform to locate AIS data.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how to interpret key variables within the AIS datasets.


  • Achieve the capability to conceptualize basic use-cases or applications utilizing AIS data.
  • Establish readiness for leveraging AIS data in the UN Datathon.


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Daniel Hopp

Data scientist at UNCTAD

Daniel Hopp is a Data scientist with the UN Global Crisis Response Group. Before joining the UN in 2020, he worked in the private sector as an analyst at a private equity fund, as the head of analytics at an e-commerce start-up, and as the principal data scientist for an IoT start-up. At the UN, he is trying to leverage his experience in data ecosystems, machine learning, and programming to drive innovation in the domains of trade statistics, economic forecasting, and official statistics.

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Gabriel Fuentes

Assistant Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics

Gabriel Fuentes is a Former Merchant Mariner, a Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering from the Georgia institute of Technology, a Master of Science in Maritime Affairs from the World Maritime University and a PhD in Business and Management Science from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Notable achievements include Leader for the runner-up team at the AIS Big Data Hackathon and winner of the Idea Market competition at the sustainability, research and Innovation Congress 2023.