Session 1.1
Machine Learning for National Statistical Offices

26 January 2022 09:00
Room A, Emirates Towers (Boulevard)

What can Machine Learning offer as a service to accelerate National Statistical Office Transformation?

Developments in machine learning (ML) are pushing the boundary of tasks that were considered tasks for humans - machines can now understand text, recognise objects in images, and even write news articles, just like humans. The technology has great potential to transform the way statistical offices work. It can increase the efficiency of production by automating the manual processes. It can also improve the relevance of statistics by making it possible to exploit new data types. The use of ML is particularly important for big data as processing such a large amount of data using traditional methods is often prohibitively costly and time-consuming.

This session provides an introduction to machine learning, presents the practical applications of machine learning in working areas of statistical offices, and discusses challenges that statistical offices face when using machine learning.