C.  Good collection practices and comparison of data sources for FATS  

11.23.    For FATS,  information on services provided via mode 3 (commercial presence), enterprise/establishment surveys is the most useful source. As noted in chapter 6, an understanding of the FDI Framework provides a strong basis for the establishment of the FATS universe; key FATS variables could even be incorporated into existing FDI surveys. Administrative records or commercial databases on foreign affiliates are also useful, but their forms and questionnaires cannot be easily designed to provide useful data for statistical and analytical purposes. Thus, they could rather be used as supplements to the survey on foreign affiliates. 

11.24.    An ITRS, which provides strong sources for resident/non-resident transactions, is not necessarily useful for compiling FATS, because an ITRS captures only settlements between foreign affiliates and residents, and such information does not measure the activities of foreign affiliates (including the provision of services). 



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