Data and statistics are increasingly being used in public debate to prove a point or statement without providing the context in which these figures exist. This has sometimes led to confusion and misconceptions about situations, leading to scepticism about the value of statistics. Often a key challenge is the lack of understanding how to critically assess the numbers provided as well as what may have been left out.

While many people have learned how to critically assess information provided in text format, data or statistical literacy is more limited in many societies. With increased use of data and statistics in public debate, it is key that people learn how to properly interpret this information in order to empower various users and citizens to use data and improve their own lives. Through increased statistical literacy, trust in data provided by the statistical system may also improve.

The statistical community is a key player in helping ensure that statistical literacy is improved. For example, many members of the [Global Network of Institutes for Statistical Training (GIST)]( are currently providing various training material to improve literacy among different groups of the population. This webinar will highlight three key target groups: Policy makers, (school) children and journalists. For each of the groups, examples will be provided on what is being done to help improve their statistical literacy.

This webinar is part of the UN World Data Forum webinar series which provides an opportunity to learn from country and global practitioners about the various tools used to improve statistical literacy among various data users.

  • Moderator: Vibeke Oestreich Nielsen, Inter-Regional Adviser on Statistical Training and Capacity Building, United Nations Statistics Division

  • Panelist: Victoria Glasier, Chief of Statistics in Schools Branch, US Census Bureau


  • Panelist: François Fonteneau, Co-ordinator of the Data Advisory Services team, PARIS21


  • Panelist: Josefina Almeda, Head of Agency and Executive Director, Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute (PSRTI)