COVID-19 data hubs for timely decision-making amidst the pandemic

August 31 2020, 9:00-10:15 AM (EDT)

Countries have leveraged geographic information system (GIS) technologies in unprecedented ways to disseminate data and information during the pandemic. These technologies have facilitated data sharing, and interoperability enabling countries to integrate statistical and geospatial data to make information available from different parts of the statistical and data system for various users for timely decision-making at the local, national and global levels.

Partners have come together to join the global network of COVID 19 data hubs, developed by the United Nations and esri, to help countries make data on the spread of the virus and its economic and social consequences available.

This webinar will:

  • Showcase COVID 19 datahubs developed by countries in collaboration with global partners;
  • Highlight the strength of visualization and tools for improved dissemination and data use for diverse users and;
  • Present advantages of collaboration of the geospatial and statistical community.

This webinar is part of the UN World Data Forum series and highlights benefits of collaboration of statistical and geospatial community to bring quality data to users.

  • Moderator: Deepti Kochhar, Executive Advisor, esri

  • Panelist: Macarena Pérez Garcia, Executive Secretary, National System for Territorial Information Coordination (SNIT-SDI Chile), Ministry of National Assets


  • Panelist: Selaseh Akaho, Geospatial Data Scientist, Ghana Statistical Service


  • Panelist: Ahlam Al-Rousan, Director of the Electronic Transformation and Information Technology, Jordanian Department of Statistics