The United Nations World Data Forum 2023 will feature more than 100 events, 70 parallel sessions, 30 learning labs, exhibits and much more.

Member States, civil society, the private sector, as well as the UN agencies and other organizations are invited to showcase their good practices and success around the 4 themes of the Forum.

To apply for an exhibit space and receive a badge prior to entry, please contact:

All parties must accept the rules to exhibit as highlighted here.


Registration for in-person attendance at the UN World Data Forum 2023 is now closed. Details for virtual participation will be available in early April. A copy of the programme can be found here.


Why Data for and about Children Needs Attention at the World Data Forum: The Vital Role of Partnerships

March 28, 2023

Stefaan Verhulst

Eugenia Olliaro

Danzhen You

Estrella Lajom

Daniel Shephard

Issues surrounding children and data are rarely given the thoughtful and dedicated attention they deserve. An increasingly large amount of data is being collected about children, often without a framework to determine whether those data are used responsibly. At the same time, even as the volume of data increases, there remain substantial areas of missing data when it comes to children. This is especially true for children on the move and those who have been marginalized by conflict, displacement, or environmental disasters. There is also a risk that patterns of data collection mirror existing forms of exclusion, thereby perpetuating inequalities that exist along, for example, dimensions of indigeneity and gender.

Dealing with Data Dilemmas: Towards a human-centered systems approach to sustainable data and digital technology development

March 21, 2023

Franz Gatzweiler

Serge Stinckwich

Jaimee Stuart

Cara Antonaccio

Min Yang

Rostam Neuwirth

Conflicts between preventing harm and promoting health and human security through the use of data and digital technologies have resulted in data and digital technology dilemmas. Data can be used to identify and change opinions; in social media data can be manipulated for personal or political gain; misinformation and disinformation can reinforce beliefs based on false facts making the truth hard to find, weakening trust in science and undermining the potential of collective intelligence. The youth suffer from adverse cyber-psychological health impacts from inadequate internet use, gender data gaps persist and advances in AI are threatening human freedom and augmenting many of these trends.


UN World Data Forum webinar
United Nations World Data Forum 2023 – See you in Hangzhou!

Thursday, February 2 2023 , 8:00 to 9:00 am (ET)

The following key topics will be covered:

  • Logistics for travelling and staying in Hangzhou, including registration and visa process
  • Highlights from the programme, including high-level events
  • Outreach and communications around the Forum
  • Virtual participation in Forum events

UN World Data Forum webinar
Information session on the call for proposals for Hangzhou 2023

Tuesday, June 7 2022 , 7:00 to 8:15 am (ET)

Key questions covered in this webinar will include:

  • How will the programme be organized in Hangzhou 2023?
  • What are the benefits and appeal of submitting a proposal for Hangzhou 2023?
  • What are the expectations and responsibilities for an organizer if their proposal is chosen?
  • What does an attractive proposal look like according to the Programme Committee?