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Transforming Census Results Publications into Analysis-Ready Data: The IPUMS International Historical Geographic Information System (IHGIS)

October 27, 2021

Tracy Kugler

National Statistical Offices (NSOs) commonly publish large volumes of results reporting the findings of Population and Housing Censuses. These publications contain a wealth of demographic, socioeconomic, and housing information that can be used for tracking progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals and for many other research and policy analysis applications.

The evolution of data innovation in the fight against hunger

October 26, 2021

Arif Husain

When I joined the UN World Food Programme in 2003, war was unfolding rapidly in Darfur and as in any crisis, evidence and data were urgently needed to inform the humanitarian response. Back then, ‘no-go’ zones were a fact of life: there were places that were literally impossible to access because of high levels of insecurity or insurmountable logistical constraints. Meaning there were communities that no one could see living in circumstances that no one could monitor.