Webinar on the Recommended Changes to the 2008 SNA

  • 25 August 2023

The update of the 2008 SNA has involved extensive research and consultation on a range of issues. This has resulted in the Advisory Expert Group (AEG) on National Accounts recommending several changes to the 2008 SNA, to be reflected in the 2025 SNA.

These recommendations are summarised in the document The Full Set of Consolidated Recommendations for the Update of the 2008 SNA, which has been made available for global consultation since 18 August 2025.

After the global consultation has been completed, the document will be updated and submitted to the United Nations Statistical Commission for endorsement at its fifty-fifth session, to be held on 27 February – 1 March 2024.

To support the global consultation, this webinar is held to explain the main recommendations, and is presented by the 2008 SNA Update Team.

The recording of the Webinar is available at the Official YouTube channel of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNStats) and is embedded below.

The Consolidated List of Recommendations for the Update of the 2008 SNA is available for download from the sidebar on the right. The presentation given during the Webinar is also available for download from the sidebar also.