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19. Inclusion of international organizations in the SNA

 The issue

In the current SNA international organizations are part of the rest of the world. Paragraph 4.165 specifies that: For purposes of the System, international organizations are treated as units that are resident in the rest of the world. The SNA does not distinguish international organizations separately and gives very little or no guidance on the concrete treatment of the transactions between the international organizations and the national economies.  

Unlike the SNA, the European system of accounts contains an additional classification of the rest of the world sector. Paragraph 2.92 specifies the European Union institutions as a separate sub-sector of the rest of the world.

 Reasons for inclusion in the Research Agenda

In practice, the activities of the international organizations can affect significantly the economy of a country and a region where they are located. One example is Kosovo. Therefore it is proposed that the transactions between international organizations and the economies of the countries (regions) where they are located be further explored. The research should also consider the measurement of the output of international organizations and consistency between national accounts, employment and populations statistics.

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