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Issue 8. The treatment of establishments in the SNA

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Description of the issue
At the present there are two reasons to have the concept of establishment within the SNA. The first of these is to provide a link to source information when this is collected on an establishment basis. In cases where basic information is collected on an enterprise basis, this reason disappears. The second reason is for use in input-output tables. Historically, the rationale was to have a unit that related as far as possible to only one activity in only one location so that the link to the physical processes of production was as clear as possible. With the change of emphasis from the physical view of input-output to an economic view, and from product-by-product matrices to industry-by-industry ones, it is less clear that it is essential to retain the concept of establishment in the SNA.
Discussions on the issue
The AEG, at its 9th meeting, proposed the creation of a Task Force on Statistical Units to take stock of the 2008 SNA recommendations on statistical units (including institutional units), and to reflect on whether or not the recommendations on statistical units need to be adjusted in the future.

See also Issues Under Discussion: Treatment of statistical units in supply and use tables and institutional sector accounts

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