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Issue 28. Tradable emission permits

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Description of the issue
Tradable emission permits are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are gaining rapidly in importance. The full treatment of all types of permits is not explicitly described in the SNA, and in order to remove uncertainty, this shortcoming should be addressed as quickly as possible.
Discussions on the issue
The issue was considered by a Task Force established by the ISWGNA in 2009. The final report of the Task Force contains the summary of the discussion. Since the subsequent conclusions of the ISWGNA were considered to constitute an interpretation of the SNA, the Advisory Expert Group and the Statistical Commission were also consulted on the issue, in accordance with the update procedures of the SNA.

The outcome of the consultation on the treatment of payments for emissions permits issued under cap-and-trade schemes in the national accounts is presented in SNA News and Notes, No. 32/33 (March 2012).

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