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SNA Implementation Activities of UNSD

About UNSD Implementation Activities

The National Accounts Section of the United Nations Statistics Division facilitates the implementation programme for the 2008 SNA and supporting statistics through: regional and interregional workshops and seminars; the development of Handbooks of National Accounting, providing com- pilation guidance on the recommendations of the SNA; updating the Knowledge Base on Economic Statistics (international re- commendations, compilation guidance and country practises); implementation tools to support countries with implementing the SNA, such as the implementation paper, the guidelines for monitoring the 2008 SNA implementation, the statistical system information fact sheet, the survey on the implementation of the SNA, the diagnostic tool, the self-assessment evaluation and the strategy template; posting the country information on the national implementation plans on this website; and monitoring the scope, detail and SNA compliance of the compilation of the national accounts by countries through the collection and dissemination of annual national accounts statistics.

Technical Cooperation

The technical cooperation page shows workshops and seminars to facilitate statistical capacity building

Implementation Tools

These implementation tools have been established to support countries in the implementation of the 2008 SNA:


The Implementation paper describes an approach for preparing a national implementation programme for the 2008 SNA and supporting statistics


The Guidelines for monitoring the 2008 SNA implementation provide information on the princples of the implementation strategy


The Statistical System Information fact sheet allows countries to facilitate the assessment process and the development of a implementation strategy


The Survey on the implementation of the SNA aims to gather information on countries' implementation plans


The Diagnostic Tool helps countries to assess their current capacity of all aspects of the statistical production process


The Self-assessment evaluation helps countries to evaluate the status of their national accounts and supporting statistics


The Strategy template allows countries to provide their statement of strategy for the development of an implementation programme


The page contains all relevant information on Consultations carried out to facilitate the SNA implementation

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains international recommendations, compilation guidance and country practises for the compilation and dissemination of economic statistics

Handbooks of National Accounting

The Handbooks of National Accounting provide compilation guidance on the recommendations of the SNA

Handbooks under development

The page contains information on a number of handbooks currently under development

Country Information

The country information shows the statistical system information and relevant country reports for each country

National Accounts Statistics

Annual national accounts statistics for over 200 countries and territories of the world is available through national accounts statistics publications or the National Accounts Statistics database

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