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Towards the 1993 SNA - Information on the process of developing the 1993 SNA

Meetings on the revision of the SNA, 1986-1989

The early preparation of the 1993 revision of the SNA took the form of a number of meetings, organized by UN regional commissions. On the basis of these, the ISWGNA set up a series of meetings where experts in both national accounting generally and specific areas met to discuss what changes should be made to the System. These meetings were organized by topic and included the following:

 SNA review interregional seminar for developing countries Geneva, 18-21 June 1986 Report
 Expert Group Meeting on the structure of the SNA Geneva, 23-27 June 1986 Report
 Expert Group Meeting on price and quantity comparisons Luxembourg, 10-14 November 1986 Report
 Expert Group Meeting on external sector transactions Washington, 23 March-2 April 1987 Report
 Expert Group Meeting on the household sector Florence, 29 August-4 September 1987 Report
 Expert Group Meeting on public sector accounts Washington, 25-29 January 1988 Report
 Expert Group Meeting on production accounts and I/O tables Vienna, 21-30 March 1988 Report
 Expert Group Meeting on financial flows and balances Washington, 6-15 September 1988 Report
 Expert Group Meeting on the reconciliation of SNA/MPS Moscow, 4-9 December 1989 
Expert Group on SNA Coordination meetings, 1989-1991

When meetings on the revision of the SNA were complete, a series of coordinating meetings were held to ensure that all aspects of the proposed changes had been considered and that changes proposed by one group were consistent with changes proposed elsewhere. There were five such coordinating meetings as follows:

 Luxembourg, 23-27 January 1989ReportDocument List 
 New York, 12-21 July 1989ReportDocument ListIssues
 New York, 13-22 September 1989ReportDocuments and
 Washington, 3-7 December 1990ReportDocument List 
 Harare, 8-17 April 1991ReportDocument List 
Regional meetings on the revision of the SNA in 1990

When the extent of the changes being proposed for the revision were clear, six meetings were organized by UN regional commissions to allow more widespread consultation. Details of these and the discussion paper are given below.

Discussion paper  [PDF 5,220 KB]
 ESCWATunis, 11-16 June 1990Report
 ECAAddis Ababa, 16-25 July 1990Report
 ESCAPBangkok, 15-24 August 1990Report
 ESCAPSuva, 29 August-7 September 1990Report
 ECEGeneva, 10-13 September 1990Report
 ECLACRio de Janeiro, 18-28 September 1990Report
Background document to the 1993 revision of the System of National Accounts

The document, prepared by Anne Harrison, incorporates the substantive discussion from the above meetings. The material has been rearranged in order to place together discussions on the same topic which took place at several meetings but is otherwise the same as that appearing in the reports. The reports of three meetings organised by the IMF appear with the agreement of the IMF.

Background document to the 1993 revision of the SNA  [PDF 5,155 KB]
Comments from regional meetings, Statistical Commission, statistical offices and individuals

The document, compiled by Carol Carson in 1991 and containing material arranged by source of comment and by topic, was prepared for the Expert Group on Coordination meeting in Harare, 8-17 April 1991.

Comments from Regional Meetings, the Statistical Commission, and Statistical Offices and Individuals   [PDF 6,448 KB]
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