9th Meeting of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts

8-10 September 2014, Washington DC, United States


List of Documents

 1AAgendaPDF10 KB
 1BAnnotated AgendaPDF46 KB
 2Information NotePDF53 KB
 5ConclusionsPDF38 KB
 1:  Implementation of the 2008 SNA
 1.1Implementation of the 2008 SNAPDFPPT
  1.1.1Implementation of the 2008 SNA - Report of the forty-fifth session of the Statistical Commission reflection its decision on National Accounts.PDF 
 1.1.2Report of the Intersecretariat Working Group on National AccountsPDF 
 2:  Accounting for pensions
 2.1Methodology for delineation and measurementPDFPPT1   PPT2
 2.2Table on household retirement resourcesPDF 
 2.3The treatment of holding gains/losses in the estimates of investment income attributable to insurance policyholders and pension beneficiariesPDFPPT
 2.4Imputation of property income in the case of liabilities between the sponsor and the pension fundPDFPPT
 3:  Global production
 3.1.1Global Production - Economic ownership of Intellectual Property Products (IPPs) by SPEsPDFPPT
 3.1.2Treatment of royalty and licencing SPEs in Dutch National AccountsPDFPPT
 3.2Global production - Factoryless goods producersPDFPPT
 4:  Manuals, handbooks and other guidance
 4.1Compilation of manuals and handbooksPDFPPT
 5:  The outcome of AEG consultation
 5.1.1Distinction between volumes and prices when measuring the value of land changesPDFPPT
 5.1.2Land: distinguishing volume changes from holding gainsPDF 
 5.2Institutional sub-sectors and the delineation of head offices, holding companies and special purpose entitiesPDFPPT
 6:  Recording flows and stocks of international organizations
 6.1Treatment of output international financial institutionsPDFPPT
 6.2Equity claims on international organizationsPDF 
 6.2.1Valuation of 'Other Equity' in the IMFLINKLINK
 7:  The valuation of natural resources
 7.1Methodology for the valuation of natural resourcesPDFPPT
 8:  Practical issues in national accounts
 8.1.1Netherlands PPT
 8.1.4Canada PPT
 8.1.5United States of America PPT
 8.2Big dataPDF 
 8.2.1Australia PPT
 8.2.2Canada PPT
 8.2.3United States of America PPT
 9:  The 2008 SNA research agenda
 9.1Issues going beyond the 2008 SNA recommendationsPDFPPT
 9.2.1Statistical units in Supply and Use Tables and Institutional Sector AccountsPDFPPT
 9.2.2Statistical units in the SNAPDFPPT
 10:  Government finance statistics
 10.1Towards enhancing international comparability of general government debt dataPDFPPT
 11:  SDMX-initiative
 11.1SDMX Ownership Group for NA, BOP and FDIPDFPPT
 12:  Distribution of income, consumption and wealth
 12.1Distribution of income, consumption, and savingPDFPPT
 RD.1Living with the 2008 SNAPDF