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Part I
  Survey Design, Implementation and Analysis
Sect. A: Survey Design and Implementation
Sect. B: Sample Design
Sect. C: Non-Sampling Errors
Sect. D: Survey Costs
Sect. E: Analysis of Survey Data
Part II
  Case Studies
Annex to Chapter XXI
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March 2005

Household Sample Surveys in Developing
and Transition Countries

Section C: Non-sampling Errors

(J. Lepkowski) (123KB)

Chapter VIII: Non-observation errors in household surveys in developing countries (J. Lepkowski) (215KB)

Chapter IX: Measurement error in household surveys: sources and measurement (D. Kasprzyk) (233KB)

Chapter X: Quality assurance in surveys: standards, guidelines and procedures (T.B. Üstun/S. Chatterji/A. Mechbal/C.J.L. Murray) (292KB)

Chapter XI: Reporting and compensating for non-sampling errors for surveys in Brazil: current practice and future challenges (P. Silva) (203KB)