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Part I
  Survey Design, Implementation and Analysis
Sect. A: Survey Design and Implementation
Sect. B: Sample Design
Sect. C: Non-Sampling Errors
Sect. D: Survey Costs
Sect. E: Analysis of Survey Data
Part II
  Case Studies
Annex to Chapter XXI
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March 2005

Household Sample Surveys in Developing
and Transition Countries

Part II: Case studies

(G. Nathan) (130KB)

Chapter XXII: The Demographic and Health Surveys (M. Vaessen/M. Thiam/T. Le) (237KB)

Chapter XXIII: Living Standards Measurement Study Surveys (K. Scott/D. Steele/T. Temesgen) (270KB)

Chapter XXIV: Survey design and sample design in household budget surveys (H. Pettersson) (183KB)

Chapter XXV: Household surveys in transition countries (J. Kordos) (354KB)