D08: Multilingual names, minority names
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Documents and literature



  • D08-01: Ormeling, F.J. (1984). Minority toponyms - the western European experience. ITC Journal 1984-1, pp 58-63.
  • D08-02: Ormeling, F.J. (2003). Multilingual areas and linguistic minorities. Pp 85-91 in Ferjan Ormeling, Jörn Sievers and Hans Stabe (eds.), Training Course on Toponymy, Enschede, Frankfurt and Berlin 2002. Mitteilungen des BKG 28, Frankfurt am Main 2003.


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  • Watt, W. (2002). Aboriginal place names – the recording process in South Australia. E/CONF.94/CRP.17  Eigth Conference, Berlin.

Online resources:

The United Nations sell the following publications which also can be downloaded from the UNGEGN website:

  • Glossary of Terms for the Standardization of Geographical Names (New York 2002) / pdf

  • Manual for the national standardization of geographical names (UN - Ecosoc, New York, 2006   ST/ESA/STAT/SERM/88 Sales No. E.06.XVII.7 ISBN 92-1-161490-2, available in the 6 UN languages) / pdf

  • Technical reference manual for the standardization of geographical names (New York, 2007) / pdf

  • Resolutions adopted at the ten UN Conferences on the standardization of geographical names (English (pdf) / French (pdf)

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