7. Working Group on Evaluation and Implementation


Mr. Sungjae Choo (Republic of Korea), E-mail: sjchoo@khu.ac.kr


Mr. Gerhard Rampl (Austria), E-mail: gerhard.rampl@uibk.ac.at


The original Working Group on Evaluation was established to address resolution 4 of the Fifth United Nations Conference in 1987. Reports of the Working Group were presented to UNGEGN at its 14th Session in 1989 (W.P.31), at its 15th Session in 1991 (W.P.55), and its 16th Session in 1992 (W.P.3). The Working Group was then disbanded in favour of a new working group to consider the particularly important aspects of publicity and funding.

However, as the work of evaluation of UNGEGN and the Conferences needs to be considered on a continual basis, the Working Group was re-established during the 20th Session of UNGEGN (2000).

Current work plan

The work plan includes an evaluation of the functioning and efficacy of UNGEGN and the Conferences and the implementation of resolutions; finding ways to involve member states not currently participating in UNGEGN; looking at the needs of developing countries to achieve national standardization of their geographical names; and proposing actions to increase the effectiveness of the UN Conferences, UNGEGN and its Divisions and Working Groups.

The Working Group has maintained the UNCSGN resolutions database since 2009, in which resolutions are searchable by conference, by topic and by key word(s). Currently, English, French and Spanish versions are available.

Meetings of the Working Group

Joint meetings have been held with the Working Group on Publicity and Funding, most recently at the Eleventh Conference in New York, 2017; in Innsbruck, 2017; at the 28th Session of UNGEGN in New York, 2014; in Suwon, 2013; at the Tenth Conference in New York, 2012; in Seoul, 2011; in Vancouver, 2010; at the 25th Session of UNGEGN in Nairobi, 2009; in San Francisco, 2008; at the Ninth Conference in New York, 2007; in Honolulu, 2007; at the 23rd Session of UNGEGN in Vienna, 2006; and in Seoul in 2005 and 2003.

The Convenor organized a symposium on "Geographical Names as Cultural Heritage" in Seoul, Korea on November 5-7, 2014 (Program). Further information is available from the Convenor.

Workshop on Implementing Resolutions: Experiences of Commemorative Naming

The Working Group organized a workshop on implementing resolutions for the case of commemorative naming, at the UNCC Bangkok during the 29th Session of UNGEGN, 27 April 2016

Reports of the Working Group
Minutes of the Working Group Meeting