United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Statistics Division
23 - 25 June 2010, New York


List of Documents

  Opening Statement by Peter Harper, Chair UNCEEA PDF 29 KB
  UNCEEA/5/1 Agenda PDF 47 KB
  UNCEEA/5/1a Organization of Work PDF 26 KB
  UNCEEA/5/2 List of Documents HTML  
  UNCEEA/5/3 List of Participants PDF 34 KB
  UNCEEA/5/4 Minutes of the Meeting PDF 94 KB
  UNCEEA/5/5 Process Map for the Drafting and Completion of Volume 1 of the Revised SEEA - Draft  
  - Paper PDF 565 KB
  - Presentation PPT 536 KB
  UNCEEA/5/6 Progress Report London Group  
  - Paper PDF 53 KB
  - Presentation PPT 245 KB
  UNCEEA/5/7 Classification of Ecosystem Services  
  - Presentation PPT 860 KB
  - Background Document: Proposal for a CICES for Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting PDF 646 KB
  - Background Document: Excel Spreadsheet XLS 89 KB
  UNCEEA/5/8 Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Damages  
  - Paper PDF 622 KB
  - Presentation PPT 58 KB
  - Background Document: Approaches to Ecosystem Valuation at the European Environment Agency PDF 351 KB
  UNCEEA/5/9 Integrating the Economic and the Ecosystem Approaches to the Environment in the Revised SEEA  
  - Paper PDF 65 KB
  - Presentation PPT 147 KB
  - Background Document: EEA comments on the discussion paper PPT 249 KB
  UNCEEA/5/10 Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics  
  - Paper PDF 75 KB
  - Presentation PPT 106 KB
  UNCEEA/5/11 Harmonizing the National Footprint Accounts with the System of Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting  
  - Paper PDF 1,088 KB
  - Presentation PPT 1,483 KB
  UNCEEA/5/13 SEEA as a Framework for Assessing Policy Responses to Climate Change  
  - Paper PDF 303 KB
  - Presentation PPT 431 KB
  UNCEEA/5/14 How to Improve the Bonds between Official Statistics and Climate Change?  
  - Presentation PPT 6,951 KB
  UNCEEA/5/15 Climate Change and SEEA - A Strategic Perspective  
  - Presentation PPT 32 KB
  UNCEEA/5/16 Monitoring Progress towards Green Growth: Indicators for the OECD Green Growth Strategy  
  - Paper PDF 653 KB
  - Presentation PPT 2,168 KB
  UNCEEA/5/17 Monitoring Progress towards Green Growth: Indicators for the OECD Green Growth Strategy  
  - Presentation PPT 2,348 KB
  UNCEEA/5/18 Environmental Accounting Applications for Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies  
  - Paper PDF 125 KB
  - Presentation PPT 1,090 KB
  - Background Document: Paper discussed at the London Group meeting, Canberra, April 2009 PDF 265 KB
  UNCEEA/5/19 Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies  
  - Paper PDF 16 KB
  - Presentation PPT 2,146 KB
  UNCEEA/5/20 GDP and Beyond - State of Play in the European Union  
  - Paper PDF 31 KB
  - Annex I: Short term action plan PDF 41 KB
  - Annex II: Mandate of Sponsorship on Measuring Progress, Well-Being and Sustainable Development PDF 57 KB
  - Annex III: Mandate of TF on Environmental Sustainability PDF 29 KB
  UNCEEA/5/21 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 2012  
  - Presentation PPT 166 KB
  UNCEEA/5/22 Mapping Environmental Data in Sweden  
  - Presentation PPT 542 KB
  UNCEEA/5/24 International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (Draft)  
  - Paper PDF 834 KB
  - Presentation PPT 107 KB
  UNCEEA/5/25 Activities on Energy Accounts by Eurostat  
  - Paper PDF 40 KB
  UNCEEA/5/26 Towards a System of Environmental Economic Accounting for Agriculture and Rural Development  
  - Presentation PPT 96 KB
  UNCEEA/5/27 Draft "Glossy" Publication on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water  
  - Paper PDF 142 KB
  - Background Document: Report of the OECD Workshop in Zaragoza, Spain on 4-7 May 2010 PDF 490 KB
  - Background Document: Progress on Water Accounts in ESCWA Countries PDF 74 KB
  UNCEEA/5/28 Programme of work for the UNCEEA  
  - Paper PDF 185 KB
  - Background Document: Environmental Accounting at the European Environment Agency PDF 33 KB
  - Background Document: The 2011 Statistical Work Programme of the EC in the Environmental Sector PDF 278 KB
  - Background Document: Contributions to the UNCEEA work programme - Energy statistics PDF 20 KB
  UNCEEA/5/30 Update on the Progress of Work of the Oslo Group - 2009 and 2010  
  - Paper PDF 32 KB
  UNCEEA/5/31 OECD/Eurostat Task Force on Emission Permits - Update Report  
  - Paper PDF 21 KB
  UNCEEA/5/32 Report on the Work on Measuring Sustainable Development, Environmental Indicators and Climate Change Related Statistics  
  - Paper PDF 25 KB
  UNCEEA/5/Bk1 Revision of SEEA 2003 - Options for the Structure of Volume III on ApplicationsPPT 215 KB
  UNCEEA/5/Bk2 ISI 2011 Water Theme DayPPT 29 KB