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Key Features of National Statistical Systems

This page provides reference materials from countries on the history and governance of their National statistical system.

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AfghanistanChallenges of Using Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes, Afghanistan
Country Profile of Afghanistan
AFRISTATStrategic Plan 2006-2010
AlbaniaCountry Profile of Albania
Evolution of the National Statistical System - Albania
AlgeriaCountry Profile of Algeria
Historique Office National des Statistiques Algerie
AnguillaA Strategic Plan for the Statistical System of Anguilla 2005 - 2009
Country Profile of Anguilla
ArgentinaCountry Profile of Argentina
Historia del INDEC - Argentina
ArmeniaCountry Profile of Armenia
Historical Review National Statistical Service of Republic of Armenia
AustraliaABS Corporate Plan
Australian Bureau of Statistics Service Delivery Charter 2008-2011
Country Profile of Australia
Informing a Nation: the Evolution of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2005 (cat. no. 1382.0)
NSS Handbook - Australia
Statistical Training - Country Statement, Australia
AustriaCountry Profile of Austria
Evolution of National Statistical Systems - The Austrian Case
Federal Statistics Act of 2000 (last amendment 2009)
IT strategy of Statistics Austria
The Statistics Council
AzerbaijanAdapted Global Assessment of the National Statistical System of Azerbaijan
Country Profile of Azerbaijan
Issues of quality assurance conceptual approach and practical works (Azerbaijan experience)
List of classification applied in Azerbaijan
Rules regulating the actions of the Committee in the case of misinterpretation of statistical information by users
BahamasBahamas Department of Statistics Historical Overview
Country Profile of Bahamas
BahrainHistory of Central Informatics Organisation Kingdom of Bahrain
Country Profile of Bahrain
BangladeshHistory of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Country Profile of Bangladesh
BarbadosCountry Profile of Barbados
BelarusCountry Profile of Belarus
History of Belarusian Statistics
National Strategy for the Development of Statistics of the Republic of Belarus
BelgiumCountry Profile of Belgium
BelizeCountry Profile of Belize
BeninCountry Profile of Benin
Feuille de Route
Stratégie nationale de développement de la statistique (SNDS) - Résumé 2008-2012
BhutanCountry Profile of Bhutan
BoliviaCountry Profile of Bolivia
Plan Estratégico Institutional 2005-2009
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina - Statistical System
BotswanaCountry Profile of Botswana
BrazilCountry Profile of Brazil
Panel Discussion: Prospects and Risks for the Future: How to Manage Uncertainties? - From the Brazilian Panelist Eduardo Pereira Nunes
Brunei DarussalamCountry Paper: Brunei Darussalam Department of Statistics
Bulgaria Bulgaria Historical Review National Statistical Institute
Country Profile of Bulgaria
Burkina FasoCountry Profile of Burkina Faso
Evolution des Systemes Statistiques Nationaux - Cas du Burkina Faso
Feuille de Route Burkina Faso
Programme Statistique National 2008
BurundiCountry Profile of Burundi
Feuille de Route Burundi
CambodiaCountry Profile of Cambodia
Evolution of National Statistical System of Cambodia
Managing Issues Addressing the Challenges of Using Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes, Cambodia
CameroonCountry Profile of Cameroon
Evolution des Systemes Statistiques Nationaux
Evolution of National Statistical Systems - Cameroon
Feuille de Route Camaroon
CanadaCountry Profile of Canada
Cayman IslandsA Brief History of the Economics & Statistics Office
Country Profile of Cayman Islands
Central African RepublicCountry Profile of Central African Republic
Feuille de Route la République Centrafricaine
ChadCountry Profile of Chad
Programme Pluriannuel d'Activites Statistiques du Tchad
ChileCountry Profile of Chile
La modernización del INE
China, Hong Kong SARAn Introduction to the Census and Statistics Department - Update Oct 2011
Country Profile of China, Hong Kong SAR
The Census and Statistics Department - Update Oct 2011
China, Macao SARCountry Profile of China, Macao SAR
ColombiaCountry Profile of Colombia
El Plan Nacional de Information Oficial Basica - Planib
ComorosCountry Profile of Comoros
Feuille de route Comores
CongoCountry Profile of Congo
Costa RicaEstrategia Nacional de Desarrollo Estadístico, Costa Rica
Country Profile of Costa Rica
Cote d'IvoireCountry Profile of Cote d'Ivoire
Feuille de Route - Côte d’Ivoire
CroatiaCountry Profile of Croatia
Development Strategy for the Statistics of the Republic of Croatia 2004-2012
Official Statistics Act
CubaCaracteristicas y Evolution del Sistema Estadistico Nacional de Cuba
Country Profile of Cuba
CyprusCountry Profile of Cyprus
Statistical Service of Cyprus (CYSTAT) History and Objectives
Czech RepublicCountry Profile of Czech Republic
Factors and principle measures influencing credibility and independence of official statistics (under Conditions of the Transformation of Statistics) - Czech Republic
General Quality Policy
Redesign of the statistical survey system in the Czech Republic
State Statistical Service Act No89/1995
Statute of the Czech Statistical Office
Total Quality management
Democratic Republic of the CongoCountry Profile of Democratic Republic of the Congo
Feuille de Route République Démocratique du Congo
DenmarkCountry Profile of Denmark
DjiboutiCountry Profile of Djibouti
Feuille de Route Dijbouti
Dominican RepublicRepública Dominicana - Historia de Oficina Nacional de Estadística
Country Profile of Dominican Republic
EcuadorHistoria de la Estadística en Ecuador
Country Profile of Ecuador
EgyptCountry Profile of Egypt
El SalvadorCountry Profile of El Salvador
Estrategia Nacional de Desarrollo Estadístico
Equatorial GuineaFeuille de Route Guinée Equatorial
Country Profile of Equatorial Guinea
EstoniaCountry Profile of Estonia
Official statistics act, as of 1st of August 2010
EthiopiaNational Statistical Program for Ethiopia (2003/04 - 2007/08)
FinlandCountry Profile of Finland
Independence of Official Statistics – a Finnish Experience
Needs for change and adjusting to them in the management of statistical systems
Strategic Plan 2007-2011
FranceCountry Profile of France
Historique : L'Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques - l'Insee
French PolynesiaInstitut de la statistique de la Polynésie française
Country Profile of French Polynesia
GabonCountry Profile of Gabon
Feuille de Route Gabon
Systeme Statistique National : Situation et Perspectives - Gabon
GambiaCountry Profile of Gambia
GeorgiaCountry Profile of Georgia
Law on Official Statistics
GermanyAnnual Report 2013
Annual report 2015
Country Profile of Germany
Paper "Quality standards in German Official Statistics"
Paper "Response burden through official statistics" (11/2006)
Quality handbook, April 2017
Strategy and programme plan 2016-2020
GhanaCountry Profile of Ghana
History of the Ghana Statistical Service
GreeceCountry Profile of Greece
The Development of the Statistical Service of Greece
GuamCountry Profile of Guam
GuatemalaCountry Profile of Guatemala
Estrategia Nacional de Desarrollo Estadístico, Guatemala (2006-2009)
GuineaCountry Profile of Guinea
Feuille de Route Guinee
Historique - Direction Nationale de la Statistique (DNS) de la Guinée
Guinea-BissauCountry Profile of Guinea-Bissau
HISTORIAL Instituto Nacional de Estatística Guiné-Bissau
GuyanaCountry Profile of Guyana
HaitiActions et réalisations L’Institut Haïtien de Statistique et d’Informatique
Country Profile of Haiti
HondurasCountry Profile of Honduras
HungaryCountry Profile of Hungary
The evolution of Hungary’s statistical system - "Future rooted in the past"
IcelandCountry Profile of Iceland
IndiaBackground of the National Statistical Commission
Country Profile of India
IndonesiaCountry Profile of Indonesia
Statistical System in Indonesia: Challenges and Prospects
Iran (Islamic Republic of)Country Profile of Iran (Islamic Republic of)
History and Governance of the Statistical Centre of Iran
IraqA profile on central organization for statistics & information technology
Country Profile of Iraq
IrelandCountry Profile of Ireland
Innovations in Official Statistics Central Statistics Office, Ireland
The Development of Official Irish Statistics
IsraelThe Establishment of the National Statistics System in Israel
ItalyCountry Profile of Italy
JamaicaCountry Profile of Jamaica
Governance Issues Statistical Institute of Jamaica
The Establishment Of A Statistics Commission For Jamaica
JapanCountry Profile of Japan
JordanCountry Profile of Jordan
Historical Background The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Department of Statistics (DOS)
KazakhstanCountry Profile of Kazakhstan
KenyaCountry Profile of Kenya
Strategic Plan for Central Bureau of Statistics, Kenya
KiribatiKiribati National Statistics Office (NSO) Governance
KuwaitCountry Profile of Kuwait
Statistics and Census Sector (SCS), Ministry of Planning – Kuwait
KyrgyzstanCountry Paper: Kyrgyz Republic
Statistical Master Plan 2006-2009
Lao People's Democratic RepublicThe Statistical System of Lao PDR - The Present Situation and Challenges in the years ahead
LatviaCountry Profile of Latvia
Customer Survey
Quaility Guidelines
Regulation - The Statistical Bureau
LebanonNational Statistical System in Lebanon - Current Situation and Vision
LesothoA brief history of the Lesotho Bureau of Statistics
Country Profile of Lesotho
Kingdom of Lesotho Country Governance Profile
LiberiaCountry Profile of Liberia
National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS)
The Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Board of Directors
LiechtensteinCountry Profile of Liechtenstein
LithuaniaCountry Profile of Lithuania
LuxembourgCountry Profile of Luxembourg
Missions du STATEC
MadagascarCountry Profile of Madagascar
Historique de l'INSTAT
MalawiCountry Profile of Malawi
Paper on the Evolution of the National Statistical System of Malawi
Strategic Plan 2007-2011
MalaysiaCountry Profile of Malaysia
Organizational Transformation of the Department of Statistics, Malaysia: Implications for the Future
MaldivesCountry Profile of Maldives
MaliHistorique La Direction Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Informatique
MaltaCountry Profile of Malta
Promoting Statistical Literacy
Marshall IslandsCountry Profile of Marshall Islands
MauritaniaCountry Profile of Mauritania
MauritiusCountry Profile of Mauritius
MexicoCountry Profile of Mexico
Incorporation de Information al Almacen de Datos Estadisticos
Transformation of the Mexican Statistical and Geographical System
Micronesia (Federal States of)Statistics and Census Act - 1988
Country Profile of Micronesia (Federal States of)
MongoliaCountry Profile of Mongolia
Statistical systems/Administration and management of statistical organizations in Mongolia
MoroccoCountry Profile of Morocco
MozambiqueCountry Profile of Mozambique
Governance and Organization of Instituto Nacional de Estatística
MyanmarThe National Statistical System of Myanmar
NamibiaCountry Profile of Namibia
NepalChallenges of Using Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes, Nepal
Country Profile of Nepal
NetherlandsChanging Statistics Netherlands - Driving Forces for Changing Dutch Statistics
Code of Practice
Country Profile of Netherlands
Netherlands AntillesCountry Profile of Netherlands Antilles
New CaledoniaCountry Profile of New Caledonia
New ZealandCountry Profile of New Zealand
National Statistical System Initiatives
NigerCountry Profile of Niger
Feuille de route Niger
NigeriaCountry Profile of Nigeria
Statistical Master Plan for the Nigeria National Statistical System (2004/5-2008/9)
NiueCountry Profile of Niue
NorwayCountry Profile of Norway
Ethics and Statistics
The evolution of the statistical system of Norway
Occupied Palestinian TerritoryCountry Profile of Occupied Palestinian Territory
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Advisory Council and Internal Control Department
OmanCountry Profile of Oman
Directorate Generals
PakistanCountry Profile of Pakistan
The Population Census Organization
PalauCountry Profile of Palau
PanamaCountry Profile of Panama
Evolución del Sistema Estadístico Nacional de Panamá
La Estrategia Nacional de Desarrollo Estadístico de Panamá
Papua New GuineaCountry Profile of Papua New Guinea
Managing Statistical Development and Information Technology for National Statistical Offices - Country Report for the Papua New Guinea National Statistical Office
ParaguayCountry Profile of Paraguay
PeruCountry Profile of Peru
PhilippinesThe Evolution of the Philipine Statstical System
PolandCentral Statistical Office of Poland
Country Profile of Poland
PortugalCountry Profile of Portugal
Decree-Law No 166/2007 - Organisation of Statistics Portugal
The European Statistics Code of Practice
QatarCountry Profile of Qatar
Republic of KoreaCountry Profile of Republic of Korea
Statistical Policy and Survey Management
Republic of MoldovaCountry Profile of Republic of Moldova
The National Bureau of Statistics Organisatinoal Structure
Republic of MontenegroAssisting Montenegro in approximating EU standards in statistics
Council of the Statistical System of Montenegro
Country Profile of Republic of Montenegro
Republic of SerbiaCountry Profile of Republic of Serbia
Historical Survey Republic of Serbia Statistical Office
RomaniaCountry Profile of Romania
Redesigning national statistical systems: driving forces and response
Russian FederationCountry Profile of Russian Federation
Program for State Statistical System through 2005
RwandaCountry Profile of Rwanda
National Institute of Statistics Strategic Plan 2007 - 2011
SamoaSamoa Bureau of Statistics
Sao Tome and PrincipeCountry Profile of Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi ArabiaA Historical Glimpse Central Department of Statistics
Country Profile of Saudi Arabia
SenegalCountry Profile of Senegal
La feuille de route Senegal 2006
SeychellesCountry Profile of Seychelles
Sierra LeoneCountry Profile of Sierra Leone
SingaporeCountry Profile of Singapore
Singapore Department of Statistics
SlovakiaCountry Profile of Slovakia
History of Statistics in Slovakia
Slovenia70 Years of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Brief description of the Slovenian national statistical system
Country Profile of Slovenia
Evolution of the Slovenian Statistical System
SpainCountry Profile of Spain
Sri LankaCountry Paper - Sri Lanka
Country Profile of Sri Lanka
National Statistical System of Sri Lanka
SudanCountry Profile of Sudan
Historical Note Sudan Central Bureau Of Statistics
SurinameCountry Profile of Suriname
The Statistical System of the Republic of Suriname - Main Problems and Some Prospects
SwedenCountry Profile of Sweden
Official Statistics of Sweden
Visual technology unveils the beauty of statistics and swaps policy from dissemination to access
SwitzerlandConceptual Architecture of the Statistical Information System at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office
Country Profile of Switzerland
Mission Statement
New Statistical System on Households and Persons - Monitoring for the future
TajikistanMulti-Year Integrated Statistical Plan
ThailandCountry Profile of Thailand
The former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaCountry Profile of The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Timor-LesteCountry Profile of Timor-Leste
TogoCountry Profile of Togo
Feuille de route Togo
TongaCountry Profile of Tonga
Managing Statistical Development and Information Technology for National Statistical Offices - Country Paper: Tonga
Trinidad and TobagoCountry Profile of Trinidad and Tobago
TunisiaCountry Profile of Tunisia
TurkeyCountry Profile of Turkey
Organizational arrangements for producing statistics in Turkey
UgandaCountry Profile of Uganda
Seminar on the Evolution National Statistical Systems - Uganda
UkraineCountry Profile of Ukraine
United KingdomEvolution of the United Kingdom statistical system
Guidelines for measuring statistical quality
United NationsI. Fundamentos de un Organismo de Estadística
I. The Foundation of a Statistical Agency - Arabic
I. 第一章统计机构的基础
II. El Sistema Estadístico
II. The Statistical System - Arabic
II. 第二章统计体系
XIII. Putting it all together
XIII. Putting it all together - Arabic
XIII. Recapitulatión
United Republic of TanzaniaCountry Profile of United Republic of Tanzania
Tanzania Statistical Master Plan 2008/09 - 2010/11
United States of AmericaCountry Profile of United States of America
Oversight and Coordination of the U.S. Federal Statistical System
UruguayPlan Estadistico Maestro Uruguay
Country Profile of Uruguay
UzbekistanCountry Profile of Uzbekistan
VanuatuCountry Profile of Vanuatu
VenezuelaCountry Profile of Venezuela
INE Cumpliendo las Metas del Milenio 2010
INE Resumen de Indicadores Sociales
Instituto Nacional de Estadística Antecedentes
Viet Nam, Socialist Republic ofCountry Profile of Viet Nam
Development of ICT in Vietnam Statistics
YemenCountry Profile of Yemen
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