The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) supports member countries in preparing for the 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses. Most countries in the UNECE region are preparing for the 2010 round of Population and Housing Censuses.  Clear guidance is given to UNECE countries by the "Conference of European Statisticians Recommendations for the 2010 Censuses of Population and Housing", prepared by UNECE in cooperation with Eurostat.  In the process of planning the census, countries may benefit greatly from exchanging their experiences on the problems they are facing.  A Joint UNECE-Eurostat Meeting on Population and Housing Censuses organized in Geneva on 13-15 May 2008 provided such an opportunity. Topics discussed included census quality assurance and evaluation, difficult-to measure census topics, and census data editing and validation.  The meeting was followed by a one-day Workshop on Communication and Dissemination of Census Results, attended by census experts as well as experts on statistical dissemination and communication.  The workshop included discussion topics on disseminating census data to specific groups, dynamic systems on the Web, and communicating quality.
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