Recommended topics to be investigated in population censuses
Topics as listed in the "Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses, Revision 3",
2015 (table 3 in para. 4.21).

A. Geographic and internal migration characteristics

1 Place of usual residence Core topic
2 Place where present at time of census Core topic
3 Place of birth Core topic
4 Duration of residence Core topic
5 Place of previous residence Core topic
6 Place of residence at a specified date in the past Core topic
7 Total population Core topic, derived
8 Locality Core topic, derived
9 Urban and rural Core topic, derived

B. International migration characteristics

1 Country of birth Core topic
2 Country of citizenship Core topic
3 Acquisition of citizenship Additional topic
4 Year or period of arrival Core topic

C. Household and family characteristics

1 Relationship to the reference person of household Core topic
2 Household and family composition Core topic, derived
3 Household and family status Additional topic

D. Demographic and social characteristics

1 Sex Core topic
2 Age Core topic
3 Marital status Core topic
4 Ethnocultural characteristics Additional topic
5 Religion Additional topic
6 Language Additional topic
7 Ethnicity Additional topic
8 Indigenous peoples Additional topic
9 Disability status Core topic

E. Fertility and mortality

1 Children ever born alive Core topic
2 Children living Core topic
3 Date of birth of last child born alive Core topic
4 Births in the past 12 months Additional topic, derived
5 Deaths among children born in the past 12 months (paras. Additional topic, derived
6 Age, date or duration of first marriage Additional topic
7 Age of mother at birth of (date or time when) first child born alive Additional topic
8 Household deaths in the past 12 months Core topic
9 Maternal or paternal orphanhood Additional topic

F. Educational characteristics

1 Literacy Core topic
2 School attendance Core topic
3 Educational attainment Core topic
4 Field of education and training, and educational qualifications Additional topic

G. Economic characteristics

1 Labour force status Core topic
2 Status in employment Core topic
3 Occupation Core topic
4 Industry Core topic
5 Place of work Additional topic
6 Institutional sector of employment Additional topic
7 Working time Additional topic
8 Participation in own-use production of goods Core topic
9   Income Additional topic

H. Agriculture

1 Own-account agriculture production Additional topic
2 Characteristics of all agricultural jobs during the last year Additional topic



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