June 2010

Statistics and indicators on women and men


This web site provides the latest statistics and indicators on women and men in six specific fields of concern:







Women and men in families
























Political decision making





The statistics and indicators refer to the latest year for which sex-disaggregated data are available. The data have been compiled from official national sources as well as international sources. All sources are given at the end of each table, as are technical notes on the indicators presented.

To view historical time-series from 1985 to present and to access additional indicators, explore our newest database: GENDER Info 2007, available at:


Detailed analyses of key statistics and indicators on women and men are regularly published in The World’s Women reports.

The World's Women reports

The World's Women reports are prepared by the Statistics Division of the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) at regular five-year intervals, starting in 1990. The following four reports have been published as part of The World's Women series:

The World’s Women 2005: Progress in Statistics reviews and analyzes national capacity to collect and report sex-disaggregated data on core socioeconomic topics relevant for addressing gender concerns.

The World’s Women 2000: Trends and Statistics analyzes women's situation as compared to men's worldwide in a broad range of fields.

The World's Women 1995: Trends and Statistics

The World's Women 1970-1990: Trends and Statistics