Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Knowledge Center

The technical report on status of civil registration and vital statistics systems describes country practices in registering vital events and producing vital statistics from various data sources.

The technical report features areas such as organisation of the civil registration system, organisation structure of the vital statistics system, status of civil registration and vital statistics system in the country, use of population censuses and sample surveys as sources of vital statistics and availability of vital statistics.

The major sources of data for the technical report is the proceedings of the United Nations Workshop on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, including the questionnaires completed by countries participants, the country presentations and status reports as well as the exchange of information between UNSD staff and country representatives during the workshop.

Other sources include technical reports, publications and websites on civil registration and vital statistics published by national civil registration authorities and national statistical offices.

Information on the availability of national vital statistics is obtained from the United Nations Demographic Yearbook data collection system.

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Technical Report on the Status of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in ESCWA Region (March 2009)   PDF 3.3M
United Nations Statistics Division - Demographic and Social Statistics