Sustainable development and the post-2015 development agenda

Relevant meetings and events

Upcoming events

6-10 January 2014, New York

Open Working Group
Subjects: 1. Sustainable cities and human settlements; 2. Sustainable transport; 3. Sustainable consumption and production (including chemicals and waste); 4. Climate change and disaster risk reduction

3-7 February 2014, New York

Open Working Group
Subjects: 1. Oceans and seas; 2. Forests; 3. Biodiversity; 4. Promoting equality, including social equity; 5. Gender equality and women’s empowerment; 6. Conflict prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding and the promotion of durable peace, and rule of law and governance

28 February 2014, New York

"Friday seminar" on the role of official statistics in support of the post-2015 development agenda

4-7 March 2014,
New York

Forty-fifth session of the United Nations Statistical Commission


Past Events

17 December 2013, New York

Open Working Group - Informal meeting on measuring progress

9-13 December 2013, New York

Open Working Group
Subjects: 1. Means of implementation; Global partnership for achieving sustainable development; 2. Science and Technology, Knowledge-sharing and Capacity-building; 3. Needs of countries in special situations, African countries, LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS as well as the specific challenges facing the middle-income countries;4. Human rights, the right to development; 5. Global governance

25-27 November 2013, New York

Open Working Group
Subjects: 1. Sustained and inclusive economic growth and infrastructure development and industrialization; 2. Macroeconomic policy questions (incl. international trade, international financial system & external debt sustainability); 3. Energy

16-18 October 2013,

Inter-Agency and Expert Group on MDG Indicators (IAEG-MDGs) (24th meeting) and Team on Lessons Learned from MDG Monitoring of the IAEG-MDGs (3rd meeting)

26 September 2013,
New York

Side event: Special Event of Paris21 on “Post-2015 and the Global Partnership for Development Data”

25 September 2013,
New York

Special Event of the President of the General Assembly to follow-up efforts made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals

25 February 2013,
New York

United Nations Statistical Commission: High-Level Forum on Official Statistics’ Response to the Rio+20 Mandate for Broader Measures of Progress

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