Broader Measures of Progress

The Friends of the Chair group has been mandated to

“build a work programme to develop broader measures of progress based on a stocktaking exercise of current national, regional and international practices in this field, and to conduct a technical review of these existing efforts with a view to identifying good/best practices and to facilitating the sharing of knowledge, especially for the benefit of developing countries.”

This page will contain documents and information regarding broader measures of progress. At this stage only a few documents are posted but a comprehensive inventory of information will be developed.

Documents and information

Title Date Type
Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi Report,
September 2009 PDF
Feasibility study for well being indicators, Eurostat report,
March 2010 PDF
How's life? Measuring well-being, OECD report,
October 2011 PDF
Sponsorship Group on Measuring Progress, Well-being and Sustainable Development, report adopted by the European Statistical System Committee,
November 2011 PDF
Happiness: towards a holistic approach to development (Note by the Secretary-General) January 2013 PDF
Some national, regional and international efforts and practices in the measurement of sustainable development and human well-being (background document to the Statistical Commission) February 2014 PDF (global platform for sharing information in order to evaluate social, environmental and economic progress)    
Eurostat website on GDP and beyond,
Eurostat website on quality of life indicators,
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