UNSD-FCDO Project on SDG Monitoring

Make SDG data open and available to the widest possible audience

The UNSD-FCDO Project supported twenty countries in Africa and Asia in strengthening their capacity in the compilation and use of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators and making SDG data and indicators available to users, including decision and policy makers. The project ran from 2017-2022 and was funded with UK aid from the British people.

The project provided direct technical assistance, training and capacity development, local and international consultancies, and other forms of support to the project countries to achieve the overall goal of effective monitoring of SDGs and improved evidence-based policy making. In doing so, a wide range of tools and resources to support SDG monitoring were developed. This website brings together the materials developed with other resources used by the project into a single place, to make them available to both project countries and others who wish to develop their work on SDG monitoring.