UNSD-FCDO Project on SDG Monitoring

Make SDG data open and available to the widest possible audience

Support to project countries in COVID-19 data response

Since April 2020, the project is supporting project countries in COVID-19 data response. After a first round of bilateral conversations with a majority of the project countries to better understand their needs and interests, the key elements of support which have emerged are:

  • establishment of national COVID-19 datahubs,
  • support to COVID-19 survey implementation,
  • considerations related to privacy,
  • linkages between COVID-19 and the SDGs and
  • general support related to readjustments and making relevant data available.
The project is also organizing webinars on various related topics and continuing support on SDG related activities on a remote basis. For more information about COVID-19 work of UNSD overall, please visit our COVID-19 response and COVID-19 data pages.


The overall objective of the project is to make Sustainable Development Goals data open and available to the widest possible audience. The project is expected to improve the availability of national indicators both in terms of support to increase the number of indicators available and by making them more accessible throug national data and metadata platforms for dissemination of the SDGs. The project will support 20 pilot countries in this work, which also includes activities to improve cooperation at national level and promote the use of statistics in evidence-based decision making. On global level, both national and international SDG indicators will be made available and comparable through the SDGs Data and Visualization Platform.

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Project countries

The project works with 20 countries across Africa and Asia. The countries vary greatly in terms of statistical capacity, and each will require an implementation strategy customized for national circumstances. Some of these countries have participated in the MDG Project or the DA-9 project, and their capacities and circumstances are relatively well known. 10 countries that do not fall into this group will require an assessment before a national implementation plan can be developed. The project countries were selected based on their involvement in the previous MDG project, expected appetite to participate, and whether they are a FCDO focus country. Please visit the countries page from the menu above for a detailed progress per country.

Implementation approach

The project will work actively with countries on a set of specified activities which are all aimed at achieving the overall project objective and goals. This will be done through various capacity development activities, including national workshops and seminars, regional workshops and conferences, topic specific technical assistance as well as regular information sharing with focal points. Countries that did not participate in the MDG project will, in addition, be offered grants to fund activities under the project. For these countries, an MoU will be developed which sets out the expected activities and outputs. For countries which do not receive a grant, the project can provide additional support through local and international consultancies in addition to the abovementioned capacity development activities. UNSD seeks to coordinate activities with other actors and collaborate where relevant on the different activities.

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Governance structure

Governance for the project is composed of three components, a steering group, an advisory group and project meetings.

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