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Updating the 1993 SNA - Global Review on Volume 1

Deadline for comments:30 April 2008
Number of comments:74
Number of responses on the title:58
 1993 SNA Rev.1:18
 2008 SNA:40
Volume 1 (Click on the pdf icon to see the comment)
  Document containing Volume 1 of the updated 1993 SNA for global review
Approved in principle by the UN Statistical Commission in 2008
Useful Documents for the Review (Click on the pdf icon to see the comment)
  Document containing the Full Set of Consolidated Recommendations (FSCR)
Approved by the UN Statistical Commission in 2007
  Document containing a Supplement to the FSCR - ISWGNA decisions on clarifications and consistency issues that flowed from the FSCR
Comments on Volume 1
PostedCountryCommentTitle of the publication
 (Click on the pdf icon to see the comment)1993 SNA Rev.12008 SNA
30/05/2008Myanmar  myanmar.pdf 
19/05/2008Central Bank of Peru  peruNB.pdf 
19/05/2008Bank of Lithuania  lithuaniaNB.pdf 
14/05/2008Israel  israel.pdf 
09/05/2008Central Bank of Chile  chileNB.pdf 
09/05/2008Federal Reserve Bank of the US  usNB.pdf 
08/05/2008Hungary  hungary.pdf 
08/05/2008National Bank of Kyrgyzstan  kyrgyzNB.pdf 
08/05/2008Australia  australia.pdf 
08/05/2008State Bank of Pakistan  pakistanNB.pdf 
06/05/2008European Central Bank  ecb.pdf 
06/05/2008Bank of Thailand  thailandNB.pdf 
05/05/2008Argentina  argentina.pdf 
05/05/2008National Bank of Kazakhstan  kazakhstanNB.pdf 
05/05/2008National Bank of Poland  polandNB.pdf 
05/05/2008National Bank of Norway  norwayNB.pdf 
05/05/2008Romania  romania.pdf 
05/05/2008Spain  spain.pdf 
05/05/2008Italy  italy.pdf 
02/05/2008Cuba  cuba.pdf 
02/05/2008Japan  japan.pdf 
01/05/2008Central Bank of Nicaragua  nicaraguaNB.pdf 
01/05/2008Central Bank of Iran  iranCB.pdf 
01/05/2008United States   usbea.pdf 
30/04/2008France  france.pdf 
30/04/2008Central Bank of Armenia  armeniaCB.pdf 
30/04/2008China  china.pdf 
30/04/2008Central Bank of Cyprus  cyprusCB.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of Slovakia  slovakiaNB.pdf 
30/04/2008Germany  germany.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of United Kingdom  uknb.pdf 
30/04/2008Philippines  philippines.pdf 
30/04/2008World Customs Organization  wco.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of Switzerland  switzerlandNB.pdf 
30/04/2008Switzerland  switzerland.pdf 
30/04/2008Sweden  sweden.pdf 
30/04/2008South Africa  southafrica.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of Seychelles  seychellesNB.pdf 
30/04/2008Norway  norway.pdf 
30/04/2008Netherlands  netherlands.pdf 
30/04/2008Malaysia  malaysia.pdf 
30/04/2008Robin Lynch  lynch.pdf 
30/04/2008Latvia  latvia.pdf 
30/04/2008Bank of Korea  koreaNB.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of Indonesia  indonesiaNB.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of India  indiaNB.pdf 
30/04/2008Central Bank of Hungary  hungaryNB.pdf 
30/04/2008Hongkong  hongkong.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of Denmark   denmarkNB.pdf 
30/04/2008Denmark  denmark.pdf 
30/04/2008Czech Republic  czech.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of Colombia  colombiaNB.pdf 
30/04/2008Canada  canada.pdf 
30/04/2008Central Bank of Bahrain  bahrainNB.pdf 
30/04/2008Austria  austria.pdf 
30/04/2008Armenia  armenia.pdf 
30/04/2008Colombia  colombia.pdf 
30/04/2008National Bank of Guatemala   guatemalaNB.pdf 
28/04/2008Commonwealth of Independent States  cisstat.pdf 
28/04/2008Mongolia  mongolia.pdf 
28/04/2008Palestine  palestine.pdf 
28/04/2008Vietnam  vietnam.pdf 
24/04/2008National Bank of Georgia  georgiaNB.pdf 
24/04/2008Mozambique  mozambique.pdf 
24/04/2008National Bank of Macedonia  macedoniaNB.pdf 
22/04/2008National Bank of Croatia  croatianNB.pdf 
22/04/2008National Bank of Azerbaijan   azerbaijanNB.pdf 
18/04/2008National Bank of Belgium  belgiumNB.pdf 
18/04/2008United Kingdom  uk.pdf 
18/04/2008Finland  finland.pdf 
18/04/2008Trinidad and Tobago  trinidadtobago.pdf 
16/04/2008Macao  macao.pdf 
15/04/2008National Bank of the Czech Republic  czechNB.pdf 
14/04/2008National Bank of Tajikistan  tajikistanNB.pdf 
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