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Selected good practices in the organization and management of statistical systems

Yangon, Myanmar, 11-13 Dec 2002

Agenda (18KB)

List of Participants (19KB)

Session 1.
The role and functions of regional and local statistical offices; interactions with regional and local authorities

Presenter 1: Lao PDR
Presenter 2: Günter Kopsch Paper (42KB) Slides (328KB)

Session 2.
Priority setting in work programs of national statistical offices; the planning process, the criteria to be used and the role of the various stakeholders

Presenter 1: Philippines
Presenter 2: Willem de Vries Paper (88KB) Slides (219KB)

Session 3.
The role and position of the national statistical office in the overall government structure; differences between centralized and decentralized systems

Presenter 1: Myanmar
Presenter 2: Bill McLennan Slides (85KB)

Session 4.
Response problems in household and business surveys; improving response and minimizing the reporting burden

Presenter 1: Thailand
Presenter 2: John Cornish Paper (46KB) Slides (30KB)

Session 5.
To what extent should national statistical offices be active in analysis; the role of analysis in improving statistical products and programs

Presenter 1: Indonesia
Presenter 2: Bill McLennan Slides (76KB)

Session 6.
Conclusion and Recommendations

Summary (13KB)