Ongoing Work of the Friends of the Chair Group on Broader Measures of Progress

We are committed to an open, transparent and inclusive manner of operation. We will report to the Statistical Commission in 2014 and 2015. Below you will find relevant information and documents pertaining to our work:

*Upcoming and past meetings

Information on activities of the FOC

Title Date Download File
Note on the work on the indicator framework September 2014 PDF, XLSX
Update on the status of work July 2014 ZIP
Matching of indicators to OWG targets June 2014 ZIP
Response to the SDSN indicator proposal April 2014 ZIP
Compendium of statistical notes March 2014 ZIP
Minutes of the meeting of the FOC on 6 March March 2014 PDF
Report of the FOC to the Statistical Commission February 2014 HTML
Statistical notes - all drafts (background document to the Statistical Commission) February 2014 PDF
Statistical notes - information note January 2014 PDF
Statistical notes - note on the review and submission process January 2014 PDF
Statistical notes - first drafts of the first set of 10 statistical notes January 2014 ZIP
OWG informal meeting on measuring progress on 17 December 2013 December 2013 HTML
Update on the activities of the FOC November 2013 PDF
Summary of Comments on High-level Panel Report November 2013 PDF
Call for contributions July 2013 PDF
Note on informal meeting on 11 June 2013 June 2013 PDF
Post-2015 process overview May 2013 PDF
Information note May 2013 PDF
Invitation letter May 2013 PDF
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