Statistical notes

A document containing drafts of all statistical notes has been posted.
Added 28 February 2014

OWG Informal meeting on measuring progress on 17 December 2013

On 17 December 2013, statisticians met the members of the Open Working Group to discuss how statistics can assist in the design of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the post-2015 goals and targets. Please see the detailed information, including all presentations, the report and the concluding remarks of the OWG Co-Chair.
Added 13 January 2014, amended 20 January

Statistical notes - information note

An information note on the statistical notes that will be provided to the Open Working Group, a note on the review and submission process and the first drafts of 10 statistical notes have been posted.
Added 13 January 2014

Information on current activities, etc.

Under 'Ongoing work' an update on the ongoing activities as well as the summary of comments on the High-Level Panel Report has been posted. Under 'Sustainable Development & post-2015' the report of the Secretary General "A life of dignity for all" has been posted
Added 7 November 2013

New additions from Eurostat

Two websites and a report have been added under 'Broader measures of progress.'
Added 31 July 2013

Website launch

This website has been launched and will be continuously updated. Under 'What's new' we will inform you of newly posted information and documents. Questions or comments? Contact us at
Added 25 July 2013


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