The Guide on the Use of Mobile Phone Data (MPD) for Dynamic Population Mapping aims to provide practical guidance on how to collect the statistics on population using information from mobile network operators in compliance with United Nations (UN) recommendations on population statistics. It reviews MPD as an alternative (non-traditional) source for providing population data dynamically and filling a gap in measuring the dynamic nature of population presence. This Guide is part of a series of five (5) Guides developed by the UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics (UN-CEBD) Task Team on MPD which are designed to guide countries who plan to use MPD for statistics and indicators in displacement and disaster, information society, dynamic population, migration, and tourism.

Preparation of this Guide was led by the organisations Positium and Flowminder with technical support and guidance from the United Nations Statistics Division and the UN-CEBD Task Team on MPD.

The UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics has prepared guiding materials for the use of mobile positioning data for dynamic population mapping for the statistical community. The Guide on the use of Mobile Phone Data (MPD) for Dynamic Population Mapping has been completed through a consultative process of experts who have years of experience working with MPD.

The main authors from Positium, Flowminder, University of Tokyo, BPS Statistics Indonesia and the World Bank have a combined 50 years of experience with MPD with them. The Guide reflects the authors' knowledge and ideas for measuring population. In many cases, it reflects the experience of whole organizations with this dataset, making this Guide one of the best researched sources on the topic. Others, mainly from UN organizations have applied their experience working in the domain of population statistics and have provided comments that have been instrumental in taking the ideas to an organized final version.

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Authors: Siim Esko (Positium); Tracey Li (Flowminder Foundation); Ayumi Arai (University of Tokyo); Margus Tiru (Positium); Kaisa Vent (Positium); Titi Kanti Lestari (BPS Statistics Indonesia); Sabrina Juran (United Nations Population Fund); Dunstan Matekenya (World Bank)

Reviewers: Patrick Gerland, Giulia Gonnella, Thomas Spoorenberg (United Nations Statistics Division)

Editors: Eileen Capilit

Citation: "Guide on the use of mobile phone data for dynamic population mapping" United Nations Committee of Experts of Big Data and Data Science in Official Statistics (UN CEBD), MPD Task Team, 2022.

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