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E.7.  Country experience: Viet Nam

15.88.        In Viet Nam, data on foreign direct investment enterprises are collected and compiled through an annual enterprises survey (AES), which has been conducted by the General Statistics Office (GSO) since 2003. The AES covers all FDI enterprises in Viet Nam. According to the results of the establishment census of 2012, there are 9,500 FDI enterprises. The separation out of FATS enterprises from the list of FDI enterprises could be presented using the criterion of over 50 per cent foreign ownership. 

15.89.        The statistical unit of inward FATS statistics in Viet Nam is the enterprise. Twelve inward FATS variables can be obtained from the AES data.  The FATS variables that are presently collected by the AES include basic variables, such as sales, turnover, output, employment, and additional variables such as assets, net worth, operating surplus, gross fixed capital formation, taxes on income, research and development expenditure and compensation of employees. Beside those variables, more detailed indicators of the main activity of FATS enterprises can also be compiled on the basis of data collected in questionnaires covering the main activity, such as manufacturing, construction, distribution, transportation, financial services, insurance and others. All of the above-mentioned variables can be compiled and are published annually with detailed tables showing breakdowns by country/kind of activity and kind of activity/country.

15.90.        Data on exported and imported goods are collected from the customs office by comparing the customs  and enterprise survey databases on the basis of  the tax code of each enterprise, which is provided by the tax/register office when the enterprises have completed all register schedules. Service exports and imports data of some enterprises are collected through a survey on international trade in services conducted quarterly and annually. 

15.91.        The classification of enterprises by type of activity was determined in accordance with the Viet Nam Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (VSIC 2007). The data cover all sectors except agriculture and forestry.


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