Seminars on Global Statistical Systems

High Level Forum: Statistical Commission and the Global Statistical System-
The Way Forward

The Forum, organized by the UN Statistics Division, reflected on how the Statistical Commission has met the challenges it has faced in the past as well as on how it will meet the challenges that lie ahead, in particular in reference to the impact of new and emerging information needs of the global environment on the global statistical system. The Forum features a high level panel composed of users and producers of statistics, who will provide their views on how the global statistical system has evolved, the role of the Statistical Commission and the new challenges that the Commission has to face to move the global system forward.

Global Statistical Infrastructure: How to build consistency in Global Measurement, Second OECD World Forum on "Statistics Knowledge and Policy"

The seminar examines how the global statistical system ensures the compilation of internationally comparable indicators and statistics. Full comparability requires certain pre-requisites, including a system to develop accepted compilation standards as well as professional norms and values governing the production of the indicators.

Chairperson: Paul Cheung, Director, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Asad Elahi, Secretary, Statistics Division, Government of Pakistan
Dennis Trewin, former Australian Chief Statistician
Katherine Wallman, Chief Statistician, United States Office of Management and Budget
Paper Discussant: Pieter Everaers, Director, Eurostat, European Commission

An Effective Global Statistical System- A prerequisite for Consistency in Global Measurements
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Dennis Trewin, former Australian Statistician,
Australian Bureau of Statistics
International Standards for Compilation of Statistics:
The Gap between Standards Adoption and Standards Implementation
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Katherine K. Wallman,
Chief Statistician,
Office of Management and Budget, Executive
Office of the President, United States and Suzann K. Evinger,

Policy Analyst, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, United States
Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies “Challenges of Data Collection – with special regard to developing Countries”
Asad Elahi, Secretary Statistics Division, Government of Pakistan

ISI Special Session: Global Statistical Infrastructure (GSI): Opportunities and Challenges
56th Session of International Statistical Institute (ISI), Lisbon, Portugal, 22-29 August 2007

Over the past 60 years since the inception of the UN Statistical Commission, a growing body of international standards and guidelines governing global official statistics have been developed and endorsed. Codes of conducts have been established through the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and the Principles Governing International Statistics. Countries are working together to establish a system of official statistics that is internationally comparable and of the highest quality.  International agencies are actively collaborating to facilitate and supplement this global system of official statistics. more ..

Mr. Hervé Carré
Director General, Eurostat
Pali Lehohla, Statistician-General, Statistics South Africa