The Forum, organized by the UN Statistics Division, reflected on how the Statistical Commission has met the challenges it has faced in the past as well as on how it will meet the challenges that lie ahead, in particular in reference to the impact of new and emerging information needs of the global environment on the global statistical system. The Forum featured a high level panel composed of users and producers of statistics, who provided their views on how the global statistical system has evolved, the role of the Statistical Commission and the new challenges that the Commission has to face to move the global system forward.

Stephen Roach not available Mr. José Antonio Ocampo Mr. Francois Bourgignon Mr. Hervé Carré Mr. Ivan Felligi Ms. Katherine Wallman Stephen Roach

Commemorative Events

Commission milestones

Reports of the Statistical Commission to the Economic and Social Council (1946-2006)

Country Participants and Chairpersons

Historical highlights

Historical notes on major work areas of UNSD

Statement to ECOSOC Bureau by Dr. Calvillo, Chairperson of the Statistical Commission (15 Jan. 2007)

Mr. Ivan Felligi, Chief Statistician of Canada, Statistics Canada
Mr. Hervé Carré
Director General, Eurostat
Pali Lehohla, Statistician-General,
Statistics South Africa