Current session of the Statistical Commission
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Historical notes on major work areas of UNSD

The following notes briefly describe major accomplishments of the United Nations Statistics Division in its various subject matter fields of work.

Commemorative Events

Commission milestones

Reports of the Statistical Commission to the Economic and Social Council (1946-2006)

Country Participants and Chairpersons

Historical highlights

Historical notes on major work areas of UNSD

Statement to ECOSOC Bureau by Dr. Calvillo, Chairperson of the Statistical Commission (15 Jan. 2007)

60th Anniversary Exhibition

Distributive Trade
Energy Statistics
Environment Statistics
Environmental Accounts
Gender Statistics
Industry Statistics
Information Technology
International Merchandise Trade
International Trade in Services
National Accounts
Programmes of Population and Housing Censuses
Social Statistics


Created a decade ago to recognize the outstanding contributions of UN staff and to honour staff members who, through their efforts, have helped to improve the way that the UN works

 UNSD wins two UN21 Awards!
Winning Category:
Knowledge Management
Winning Category:
Team Productivity

Bringing information
to the World

The United Nations Statistics Division COMTRADE Database, repository of the most authoritative global commodity trade statistics from over 150 countries, received the prestigious UN21 Award for its dynamic and innovative web portal that provides on-line access of more than a billion trade data series. more...

Monitoring Millennium Development Goals Progress

Coordinated by UNSD, the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on MDG Indicators (over 25 agencies and various national statisticians and experts) is responsible for monitoring global and regional MDG trends, reviewing methodologies and supporting countries in data collection, analysis and reporting for MDG indicators. more...