Country papers on the
evolution of national statistical systems

Keynote Presentation
The Evolution of National Statistical Systems - Trends and Implications
Dennis Trewin, former Australian Statistician, Australian Bureau of Statistics Powerpoint presentation
Discussant paper :
Pali Lehohla, Statistics South Africa
Hermann Habermann, former Deputy Director, US Census Bureau
Panel Discussion Papers
Redesigning National Statistical Systems: Driving Forces and Response

Karen Dunnell, National Statistician and Registrar General,
Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom

Gosse van der Veen, Director General, Statistics Netherlands Presentation:
Mr. Gilberto Calvillo-Vives, President, INEGI Mexico  

Masahiro Horie, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan

Prospects and Risks for the Future: How to Manage Uncertainties?
Eduardo Pereira Nunes – President of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE - Brazil Presentation:
Heli Jeskanen-Sundstrom, Director General, Statistics Finland Presentation:
Romulo Virola, Office of the Secretary General National Statistical Coordination Board - Philippines Presentation:
Hans Rosling, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
Contributed Country Papers
Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics
Austria Statistics Austria
Albania Institute of Statistics
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Agency for statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovine

Burkina Faso Institute National de la Statistique et de la Demographie
Cambodia National Institute of Statistics Presentation 1:
Presentation 2:
Cameroon National Institute of Statistics English
Colombia Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística
Cuba Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas
Czech Republic Czech Statistical Office
Egypt Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics
Finland Statistics Finland
Gabon Direction Generale de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques
Hungary Hungarian Central Statistical Office 
Iraq Central Organization for Statistics And Information Technology 

Presentation 1:

Presentation 2:

Israel Central Bureau of Statistics
Korea, Republic of National Statistical Office
Kuwait Ministry of Planning
Lebanon Central Administration for Statistics
Lithuania Statistics Lithuania
Malawi National Statistical Office
Norway Statistics Norway
Panama Dirección de Estadística y Censo – Contraloría General de la República de Panamá
Poland Central Statistical Office of Poland
Romania National Institute of Statistics
Slovenia Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Spain National Statistical Institute of Spain
Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics
Suriname General Bureau of Statistics
Sweden Statistics Sweden
Switzerland Swiss Federal Statistical Office
Uganda Uganda Bureau of Statistics
United States United States Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President
Other relevant country papers on the evolution of national statistical systems
Indonesia Statistical System in Indonesia: Challenges and Prospects

Lao People's Democratic Republic

The Statistical system of Lao PDR-the present situation and challenges in the years ahead
Malaysia Organizational transformation of the Department of Statistics, Malaysia: implications for the future
Mongolia Statistical systems ⁄ Administration and management of statistical organizations in Mongolia
Myanmar The National Statistical System of Myanmar
New Zealand National Statistical System Initiatives
Japan A New Direction in the Reform of the Statistical System in Japan
Republic of Korea The National Policy Indicator System (of the) Republic of Korea
Czech Republic Redesign of the statistical survey system in the Czech Republic

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