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1993 SNA Update Information - AEG recommendations for issue:
Распределение продукции центральных банков

Subissue description
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В соответствии с СНС 1993 года рекомендуется измерять объем услуг, предоставленных центральными банками, исходя из поступлений в виде платы за услуги, комиссионных сборов и платы за предоставление финансовых посреднических услуг, оценивающихся косвенно (FISIM). Применение этого метода порой дает слишком большие положительные или отрицательные оценки объема продукции. Поэтому в 1995 г. Межсекретариатская рабочая группа по национальным счетам (МСРГНС - ISWGNA) разрешила странам измерять продукцию центральных банков по себестоимости. Такой подход считается вторым по точности методом измерения. Однако МСРГНС не выработала дополнительные рекомендации, касающиеся последствий применения этого подхода. Данный анализ ставит целью уточнить, в контексте продукции центральных банков, как влияет выполнение ими разных функций на характер продукции, стоимостную оценку и распределение этой продукции.
AEG recommendations
Number of AEG recommendations for selected issue:2
  Corresponding meetingDate postedRecommendation
 Jan-Feb 20064/7/2006Output of Central Banks
(a) The AEG agreed in principle with the proposal to distinguish between market and non-market output. Non-market output should be valued at cost. The group noted that exact implementation might be very resource intensive and that the issue may not be of significant importance. It was therefore agreed that countries should have flexibility in the degree to which they applied the distinction.
Use of Central Bank services
(b-c) It was agreed that the non-market services of central banks should be treated as acquisition of services by general government financed by an imputed transaction. Market services of the central bank are provided to a range of institutional units who pay for them.
Valuation of Market Services
(d) It was noted that the interest rates set by the central bank may be so high or low as to represent inclusion of an implicit tax or subsidy. The AEG agreed these should be identified explicitly as such when they are significant. Then, they should be recorded as taxes or subsidies.
 February 20044/27/2004MEASUREMENT OF THE OUTPUT OF CENTRAL BANKS The AEG reviewed the recommendation made by the ISWGNA in 1995 on the measurement of the output of central banks. The Group agreed that, because of the unique functions that may be performed by central banks, the value of their output obtained by the method recommended by the 1993 SNA (the difference between property income receivable less interest payable) may sometimes be exceptionally large or small or even negative. In such cases the output of central banks or at least part of it could be measured at cost. Further work is needed to clarify these cases. This does not imply reclassifying the central bank to the government sector. Clarification is needed of which sectors consume the output of the central bank.
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