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44.b. SDRs
Issue description and recommendation

The 1993 SNA classifies Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as assets without corresponding liabilities arguing that IMF members do not have an unconditional liability to repay their SDR allocations. However, SDR allocations have attributes of liabilities because interest is payable on them and a country terminating IMF membership would be required to repay its obligations including any SDR allocations. Also, the IMF Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual recommends that the value of allocated SDRs be shown both on the assets and liabilities side of the balance sheets of central banks, which is in accordance with the IMF's SDR Department's guidance to member countries. Should SDR allocations be considered liabilities in the SNA?

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11. The financial account
12. The other changes in assets accounts
13. The balance sheet
26. The rest of the world accounts

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