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Issue detail

35. Tax revenue, uncollectible taxes, and tax credits (recording of taxes)
Issue description and recommendation

(a) Definition and coverage of taxes
Is it necessary to clarify the definition of taxes in the 1993 SNA and the distinction between the payment of taxes and payments for services?
(b) Accrual recording of taxes
The 1993 SNA describes the conceptual basis on which taxes should be assessed as accruing. Some practical flexibility is allowed in order to ensure that uncollectible taxes are not shown as accruing. Should greater precision be given about the degree of flexibility that is acceptable in relation to (i) the time when accrual is deemed to take place and (ii) the amounts to be shown as accruing?
(c) Tax credits
The 1993 SNA does not give guidance on the treatment of tax credits although the Government Finance Statistics Manual does. In order to correct this omission, a choice has to be made between recording these as a reduction in government tax receipts and recording some or all as government expenditure. Which alternative should the SNA adopt?

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8. The redistribution of income accounts
22. The general government and public sectors

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