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Chapter detail

Chapter title in the 1993 SNA, Rev.1 ("New" publication)
4. Institutional units and sectors
Reference text of the 1993 SNA ("Old" publication)
4. Institutional sectors and units
Reference document of the editor for drafting of the chapter (Version 0):     (This is NOT the draft chapter)
Issues affecting this chapter (For more information on an issue click corresponding issue from the list below)
6.a. Financial services
18. Right to use/exploit non-produced resources between residents and non-residents
25. Units
25.c. Treatment of multi-territory enterprises
25.d. Recognition of unincorporated branches
25.e. Privatization, restructuring agencies, securitization and special purpose vehicles (SPVs)
36. Private/public/government sectors delineation (sectorization boundaries)
Chapter status and available drafts
2008 UNSC DRAFT (for global review by 30 April 2008)
 Draft chapter:    (File contains bookmarks)
 Posted on:12/21/2007
 Deadline for comments:2008-04-30
 Number of comments:See comments on the global review of Volume 1
 Draft chapter:
 Posted on:7/3/2007
 Deadline for comments:9/1/2007
 Template for comments:
 Number of comments:22   Show comments

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