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1993 SNA Update Information - AEG Meetings

Below you find a list of all issues/subissues which were discussed at the Jan/Feb 2006 meeting.
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Meeting in Jan/Feb 2006
Conclusions/recommendations of the meeting:   (Click on pdf icon to see the document)
List of all issues/subissues discussed:
 Employer retirement pension schemes
 Non-performing loans
 Financial services
 Allocation of the output of central banks
 Interest under high inflation
 Other intangible fixed assets
 Government owned assets
 Right to use/exploit non-produced resources between residents and non-residents
 Contracts and leases of assets
 Treatment of multi-territory enterprises
 Classification and terminology of assets
 Amortization of tangible and intangible non-produced assets
 Assets boundary for non-produced intangible assets
 Definition of economic assets
 Valuation of water
 Informal sector
 Illegal and underground activities
 Super dividend, capital injections and reinvested earnings (government transactions with public corporations (earnings and funding))
 Private/public/government sectors delineation (sectorization boundaries)
 Activation of guarantees (contingent assets) and constructive obligations
 Retained earnings of mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension funds
 Interest at concessional rates
 Financial assets classification

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