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1993 SNA Update Information - Consistency Issues

This website provided the forum for the online discussion by the global statistical community of the consistency of the recommendations being made for the update of the 1993 SNA. In this context, consistency is broadly defined, including consistency among the recommendations on the 44 agreed issues dealt with in the four meetings of the Advisory Expert Group (AEG), the recommendations on the 44 issues and existing text, within existing text, and between the SNA (exisiting or recommended) and other statistical standards. Such a review of consistency had been envisaged at the outset of the update process as a necessary step to assure internal integrity of the 2008 SNA and its harmony with other manuals in macroeconomic statistics.

This website shows list of consistency issues. For each issue, there is a description of the issue and the questions put forward to the global statistical community for comments. To access this information select the corresponding issue.

List of Consistency Issues
  IssueNumber of commentsConclusions
1.  Decision tree5Yes
2.  The market /non-market distinction16Yes
3.  Redistribution of property income19Yes
4.  Annuities14Yes
5.  Non-profit Institutions16Yes

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