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1993 SNA Update Information - Expert comments for issue:
Clarification of non-permanent workers and entities with little or no physical presence

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Residence of entities with little or no physical presence
For enterprises and other entities with little or no physical presence, the criteria of production and location, that are used in the 1993 SNA to help determine residence, are not very relevant. Should the jurisdiction that allows the creation of and regulates the entity be considered as the determining the entity’s predominant centre of interest?
Non-permanent workers
The number of non-permanent workers with connections to two or more territories has grown substantially in recent years. Would it be useful to prepare supplementary presentations for countries where the number of non-permanent resident persons is significant, bringing together relevant components of contract services, compensation of employees, workers’ remittances and migrants’ transfers with the numbers of short-term non-resident workers? Can the residence concept be more closely harmonized with demographic, tourism, and migration statistics and any remaining differences spelt out?
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