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1993 SNA Update Information - Country comments for issue:
Privatization, restructuring agencies, securitization and special purpose vehicles (SPVs)

Subissue description
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Is special treatment required for non-resident units established abroad by government for fiscal purposes?
Country comments
Number of country comments for selected issue:3
  Date postedSourceComment
 11/27/2006AustraliaWe agree with the recommendations made by AEG. We note that the issue concerning government controlled SPEs established abroad was resolved by reference to basic principles in the BPM and SNA, rather than as a special case for government SPEs. We strongly support the principles-based approach as it means that principles apply to all such transactions and positions, not just those for governments.
 9/15/2006United KingdomWe fully support the recommendations. There is a potentially large and growing issue here as poorer countries exploit ways of accessing the world's financial markets to fund their development. The recommendations provide a pragmatic solution which ensures that essential information is captured without breaking the key residence principles of the national accounting system.
 9/15/2006LatviaAfter deep discussions and expert consultations we basically support the 1993 SNA Update Issues.
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