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1993 SNA Update Information - Country comments for issue:
Opérations entre résidents et non-résidents concernant le droit d’utiliser ou d’exploiter des ressources non produites

Issue description
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Le SCN de 1993 ne prévoit pas de traitement exhaustif des opérations entre résidents et non résidents visant le droit d’utiliser ou d’exploiter des ressources non produites, exception faite de celles qui concernent des terrains. En ce qui a trait aux terrains, une unité résidente fictive est créée et réputée en faire l’achat, tandis que le non résident est réputé acheter un actif financier (titres de participation) de l’unité fictive. Faut il étendre le traitement des terrains à d’autres ressources non produites, par exemple à l’eau, aux poissons et autres, ou doit on prévoir des traitements de substitution?
Country comments
Number of country comments for selected issue:30
  Date postedSourceComment
 11/27/2006AustraliaWe agree with the recommendations made by AEG
 10/11/2006ArmeniaThe National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia agrees with the most recent AEG recommendations.
 10/10/2006SwedenAgreement with proposal
 9/29/2006Bank of KoreaWe agree with the recommendations made by the AEG.
 9/15/2006United KingdomWe agree with all the recommendations made by the AEG.
 9/15/2006LatviaAfter deep discussions and expert consultations we basically support the 1993 SNA Update Issues.
 9/14/2006Bank of LithuaniaWe agree with the AEG recomendations.
 8/21/2006Central Bank of El SalvadorSe debe buscar una coherencia que respete lo señalado en el manual de cuentas nacionales y el manual de balanza de pagos.

Work is needed to achieve consistency, in accordance with the national accounts manual and the balance of payments manual.
 8/18/2006NetherlandsWe generally support the recommendations made at the Frankfurt Meeting of the AEG.
 8/18/2006USAWe agree with the recommendations of the AEG.
 8/2/2006European Central BankThe ECB generally supports the recommendations made by the AEG.
 8/1/2006Hong Kong, ChinaWe support the AEG’s recommendations. For mineral deposits or static natural resources which are subject to multi-period extraction, the issue of a license is sufficient to establish residence.
 8/1/2006National Bank/ National Bureau for Statistics MoldovaWe support the recommendation to treat other non-produced resources such as water, fish, etc. in the same way as land. By adopting this approach, a consistency between BOP and SNA principles will be achieved.
 8/1/2006Reserve Bank of South AfricaWe carefully worked through all the issues and would like to give our general support to the recommendations made by the AEG.
 8/1/2006Central Bank of ChileBasados en el principio de centro de interés económico, estamos de acuerdo con las recomendaciones del AEG, en relación a extender el tratamiento de crear unidades ficticias a otros recursos no producidos, cuando una unidad no residente es la propietaria legal, suscribe un arrendamiento financiero y/o tiene una licencia para extraer recursos naturales durante un periodo de varios años. De igual manera, estamos de acuerdo en que la extracción de recursos estáticos, por una sola vez, no da lugar a la creación de una unidad ficticia y representa la venta de un activo. Finalmente, consideramos que las embarcaciones de pesca se consideran residentes si su operador establece una base en el país en cuestión.
 7/31/2006IsraelWe agree with the AEG recommendations on these issues.
 7/31/2006Macao SARStatistics and Census Service of Macao SAR agrees to the AEG recommendations and has no further comments.
 7/31/2006Bosnia and HerzegovinaWe agree with AEG recommendations on the update of the 1993 SNA and do not have any further comments.
 7/28/2006VietnamWe also agree with AEG. Regarding to the resident issues, the principle to identify the resident should be based on two main points: the most important one is the centre of economic interest and the other one is the period of time (should be more than one year)
 7/28/2006FranceL’INSEE accueille favorablement les conclusions de la réunion de Francfort.
 7/28/2006National Bank of SlovakiaConcerning the results of the most recent AEG meeting, we fully support the conclusions and recommendations made by the AEG.
 7/28/2006LithuaniaIn general we support the recommendations.
 7/28/2006Bank of PortugalBanco de Portugal would like to express general support for the recommendations made in the Frankfurt meeting of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts (AEG).
 7/28/2006Bank of PolandPlease find our general support for the AEG recommendations made during its recent meeting in Frankfurt.
 7/27/2006Bank of Sierra LeoneWe agree with the recommendations made by the AEG.
 7/27/2006EgyptThe treatment in the present SNA needs to be fully elaborated. The treatment of land should be extended to cover other non-produced resources.
 7/25/2006Bank of ItalyWe broadly support the conclusions.
 7/24/2006GermanyWe have the pleasure to transmit our agreement to these proposals.
 7/24/2006National Bank of the Republic of AzerbaijanWe have analyzed the “Comment on the recommendations of the most recent Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts (AEG) meeting (January 30 – February 8, 2006) in Frankfurt” within the scope of our responsibilities and I am pleased to inform you that we are in agreement with the AEG recommendations.
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