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1993 SNA Update Information - Country comments for issue:
Obsolescence and depreciation

Issue description
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Consumption of fixed capital is defined in the 1993 SNA in general terms as the decline, during the course of the accounting period, in the current value of the stock of fixed assets owned and used by a producer as a result of physical deterioration, normal obsolescence or normal accidental damage. This decline is expressed in the average prices of the period, but the 1993 SNA does not give guidance about whether the prices to be used should relate to the general price level or whether they should be asset specific.
Country comments
Number of country comments for selected issue:30
  Date postedSourceComment
 10/10/2006SwedenAgreement with proposal
 9/15/2006United KingdomWe agree with the specific recommendation under this general heading. We look forward to commenting on the forthcoming manual on capital assets being prepared by the OECD, where this issue will be further described. We believe there is scope for further clarification of obsolescence, and how the decline in value of intellectual property can be best described
 9/15/2006LatviaAfter deep discussions and expert consultations we basically support the 1993 SNA Update Issues.
 7/28/2006LithuaniaIn general we support the recommendations.
 7/27/2006EgyptThe average price (general price level) is more practical in the application than the price of specific asset. Paragraphs in present SNA relating to depreciation need to be elaborated to identify different approaches of calculating the consumption of fixed assets.
 2/23/2006South African Reserve Bank We agree with all the recommendations made by the AEG.
 1/27/2006Central Bank of El SalvadorEstamos de acuerdo en que el SCN93 debe ser el marco central. Dado que el SCN93 es un marco conceptual de comparabilidad internacional, debe continuar dando los lineamientos para el uso de la información anual o en series de tiempo. Seria importante hacer esfuerzos metodológicos para aplicar una depreciación por categoría de activo (bienes inmuebles y maquinaria y equipo).
 1/17/2006Central Bank of West African States cb_WesternAfricanStates23;
 1/17/2006Central Bank of ChileEstamos de acuerdo con la continuación de la discusión para la implementación de la propuesta, bajo las recomendaciones de la AEG:
No se requieren cambios sustanciales al actual texto del SCN sobre la variable consumo de capital fijo. En cambio, si es necesaria:
- Una clarificación acerca de los precios promedio del período con respecto a la medición de índice de precios de calidad del activo en cuestión.
- Ampliar la discusión acerca de los concepto subyacentes de la medición de la depreciación en el SCN.
- Proveer más orientaciones a los países para la implementación de la medición de la depreciación.
En Chile para el cálculo del consumo de capital fijo en las cuentas nacionales se utilizan como referente tanto el análisis de las serie de tiempo resultante de la aplicación del Método de Inventarios Perpetuos, como la depreciación contable de los agentes, que incorpora algunos de los conceptos indicados en el paper. La depreciación contable se utiliza como fuente de contraste.
 1/17/2006KuwaitKuwait agrees with the recommendations but with the following qualifications:
One) The current text of the 1993 SNA (Para.10.118) relating to depreciation should reflect the accepted practice that “average prices” refers to the average price of an asset at constant quality.
Two) The relationship of this recommendation to the concept of income needs to be considered.
 12/22/2005Serbia and MontenegroWe agree with the suggested changes.
 12/14/2005FranceL'INSEE soutient la prise de position de I'AEG, consistant à confirmer l'interprétation commune de la dépréciation du capital mesurée par la consommation de capital fixe. La variation du prix des actifs à prendre en compte doit se comprendre à qualité constante.
 12/13/2005CanadaCanada agrees that some clarification should be added to the discussion of depreciation in SNA93 paragraph 10.118 and that detailed recommendations for compilation should be included in the revision of the OECD manual on Measuring Capital.
 12/12/2005Bank of KoreaWe prefer AAS' suggestion for the simplicity of implementation and agree that the next SNA should provide more detailed concepts and guidance of depreciation.
 12/9/2005RussiaRosstat largely supports the recommendations on the updating 1993 SNA, made at the July 2005 meeting of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts.
 12/2/2005NetherlandsWe generally support the recommendations of the AEG.
 12/2/2005AustraliaAustralia agrees with the AEG recommendations
 12/2/2005TurkeyWe agree with the recommendations made at the July 2005 meeting of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts.
 12/1/2005GermanyWe are pleased to express our agreement with the AEG recommendations.
 12/1/2005NorwayWe agree with the AEG proposals.
 12/1/2005BrazilWe agree with the recommendations of the 2005 July meeting.
 12/1/2005IsraelWe agree with all the recommendations of the AEG on this issue.
 12/1/2005United KingdomWe agree with all the recommendations made by the AEG.
 11/30/2005Slovak RepublicSO SR give support to AEG recommendation related to ongoing effort for clarification of issue.
 11/30/2005Palestinian Central Bureau of StatisticsWe agree with the recommendations, but with the AEG notes.
 11/30/2005ItalyIstat fully agrees with the recommendations made at the July 2005 meeting of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts.
 11/30/2005State Bank of PakistanWe have gone through recommendations made by Advisory Expert Group (AEG) and fully agree with them.
 11/29/2005People's Bank of ChinaI agree with your improvements and have no other suggestions.
 11/21/2005USAWe agree with the recommendations of the AEG.
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