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1993 SNA Update Information - Measurement of labor inputs

Clarification description
Adriana Mata-Greenwood (ILO) Chapter XVII of SNA 93 (Population and labour inputs) includes several references to existing ILO Resolutions. One of these Resolutions, the 1962 Resolution concerning statistics on hours of work, may be revised at the next ICLS (possibly in 2008). The new ILO Resolution on working time measurement could have some impact on the revised SNA. The relevant changes to the Resolution include a revised definition of hours worked and improving the methodologies recommended for measurement, etc., in the light of the increased incidence of alternative working time arrangements. The revised Resolution will also cover the estimation of annual hours worked and labour input and Paris Group discussions have highlighted a small number of grey areas that could benefit from further clarification in the revised SNA. In this context, the Paris Group will provide further details in a more formal submission to the ISWGNA regarding Chapter XVII, possibly proposing clarifications to the revised SNA needed to accommodate a revised Resolution.
Country comments
Number of country comments for selected clarification:16
  Date postedSourceComment
 10/11/2006ArmeniaThe National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia agrees with the most recent AEG recommendations.
 9/29/2006Bank of KoreaWe are generally in agreement with the recommendation of Advisory Export Group(AEG). To estimate labor productivity, hours of work should cover both employees and self-employed. Time spent in training, preparation, short rest in work place should be included and time spent on annual leave, sick leave, meal break should be excluded.
 8/18/2006NetherlandsWe generally support the recommendations made at the Frankfurt Meeting of the AEG.
 8/18/2006USAWe agree with the recommendations of the AEG.
 8/2/2006European Central BankThe ECB generally supports the recommendations made by the AEG.
 8/1/2006National Bank/National Bureau of MoldovaNational Bank and National Bureau for Statistics of Moldova agree with the recommendations made at the latest meeting of the AEG.
 8/1/2006Reserve Bank of South AfricaWe carefully worked through all the issues and would like to give our general support to the recommendations made by the AEG.
 8/1/2006Central Bank of ChileSe propone asimilar las recomendaciones que hará la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT) sobre la medición de la jornada de trabajo, en las resoluciones sobre Estadísticas de Trabajo. Éstas incluirán una definición revisada de horas trabajadas y mejoramiento de los métodos. La propuesta de revisión incluye incorporar las horas trabajadas en casa, en especial trabajo a distancia. Revisar conceptos tales como: "trabajo normal", "lugar de trabajo", "horas de sobretiempo", "full time", "part time". Así como también de la inclusión del empleo por cuenta propia. En nuestra opinión, el capítulo XVII del SCN 1993 “Población e insumos de mano de obra” es ambiguo, por lo que estimamos conveniente continuar su revisión con el objeto de que los conceptos sobre la medición del trabajo recojan cabalmente las nuevas modalidades de contratación de trabajadores.
 7/31/2006Macao SARStatistics and Census Service of Macao SAR agrees to the AEG recommendations and has no further comments.
 7/31/2006Bosnia and HerzegovinaWe agree with AEG recommendations on the update of the 1993 SNA and do not have any further comments.
 7/28/2006National Bank of SlovakiaConcerning the results of the most recent AEG meeting, we fully support the conclusions and recommendations made by the AEG.
 7/28/2006Bank of PortugalBanco de Portugal would like to express general support for the recommendations made in the Frankfurt meeting of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts (AEG).
 7/28/2006Bank of PolandPlease find our general support for the AEG recommendations made during its recent meeting in Frankfurt.
 7/27/2006Bank of Sierra LeoneWe agree with the recommendations made by the AEG.
 7/25/2006Bank of ItalyWe broadly support the conclusions.
 7/24/2006National Bank of the Republic of AzerbaijanWe have analyzed the “Comment on the recommendations of the most recent Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts (AEG) meeting (January 30 – February 8, 2006) in Frankfurt” within the scope of our responsibilities and I am pleased to inform you that we are in agreement with the AEG recommendations.
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