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1993 SNA Update Information - Suggestions for clarification of the 1993 SNA from Statistics Denmark

Clarification description
The attached suggestion for improving the clarity of the 1993 SNA was received from Bent Thage, Director, Economic Statistics, Statistics Denmark, written in collaboration with Professor T. ten Raa, both of them members of the Council of the International Input-Output Association, on 31/12/2005.
The suggestions are included in two documents relating to the input-output chapter of the SNA. The first one is the abstract of a paper that professor T. ten Raa and Bent Thage are going to present at the IARIW conference in August 2006. It will deal with a number of questions related to the clarity of the IO-chapter and suggestions for improvements and updating. The second one with extracts from another paper shows an example of a problem in the present terminology used in the SNA.
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