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1993 SNA Update Information - Suggestions for clarification of the 1993 SNA from Central Statistical Office of Trinidad and Tobago

Clarification description
Basic and producers prices are defined in para 6-205 of SNA 1993. Purchasers price is defined in para 6-215 of the same publication. All three are also defined in the publication Handbook of Input-Output Table Compilation and Analysis para3.2 pg 55. The way the definitions are stated gives the impression that the producers price is the basic price minus VAT and transport charges and likewise the purchasers price equals the producers price minus VAT but inclusive of transport charges and trade margins.(?) If these are the intended definitions then they are not explicit enough to convince the reader. If they are not then they should be written in such a way as to remove all doubts from the minds of the reader. Clarification of these definitions are vitally important for National Economic Accountants. This should be considered for future publications.
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